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Skeleros needs to be fixed

There are currently trolls in the game for every color of mana that create double of it’s color then create 3 more. Skeleros doubles the amount of skulls on the board but only created 2 more skulls. I noticed this a little while back and it’s kind of irritating to know that there is a slight difference, even though i never use this troop

I think Skeleros should create 3 more skulls instead of only 2 more to make him the same of all the other 6 trolls for each mana color. It might be good to even go so far as to change the name of Skeleros to the skull troll, although you’ve never changed the name of a troop before (to me knowledge) and I don’t think you’d start now. But please please change Skeleros’s spell to match with the other trolls

Putting more skulls on the board is more dangerous than putting more mana-gems on the board, allegedly, hence the balancing difference.

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About 1 year ago Skeleros was already fixed: he just doubled Skulls on the board, and after fix those 2 additional Skulls appeared.