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Skadi teams? Let's see 'em!

What’ve you tried so far?

I haven’t tried it enough yet to have a real feeling for it yet, but my first quick slap-together was Gorgotha, Bard/Sun & Moon, Skadi, Scorpius. We shall see.

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Right now I have

Dragon Banner
Captain Skullbeard (Exploder using Blue Mana)
Bard / Orpheus’ Lute

No solid thought on this team, other than exploders with a storm seem to generate more extra turns then seem fair. Bard + two really strong troops benefiting from the yellow boost is pretty nice.

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I’m using: Emperor Khorvash, Valkyrie, Fire Bomb, Skadi. Blue-Yellow banner. (Exploding the Bomb makes way for Mab).


My only thought for this team would be that Infernus and Skadi interfere with each other a little - they create differing storms.

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