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Sith Happens looking for active players

Our requirements for gold/seals/thropies are above.

Who are we looking for active players that:

  • contribute their time to weekly tasks (at least every other day) (no tiers required )
  • will do their GW battles daily (no minimum GW score required)
  • aren’t barbarians or socially handicapped (we like people who chat on Guild Channel from time to time)

What we can offer:

  • all basic tasks done weekly (and few epics, a bit more on GW weeks)
  • 40k seals weekly
  • all/most weekly event rewards
  • friendly atmosphere and helpfull players

Those who are interested feel free to either:

  • go to global 002 and type “hi Darth” - Darth will probably call you back
  • go to global 774 and i’ll probably be there/read whatever you write
  • PM me with your invite code

have a nice day

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we have a spot now