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Sister of Shadows extra turn bug

I’ve been using Sister of Shadows for the glory bonus in PvP and I’ve been fighting all the Drake Rider teams I can. I’ve noticed that when the Sister kills a Drake Rider and a Drake gets summoned, no extra turn is given. It has worked perfectly in all other cases, though.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I expected an extra turn when Sister of Shadows kills a traited Drake Rider. No extra turn is given when a Drake is summoned, however.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Use Sister of Shadows to kill a traited Drake Rider in PvP

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!



I’ve experienced this too.

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It would be interesting to also take a look if Gargantaur’s spell also fails to trigger his bonus (fixed my mistake) in such case.
@Ozball, be a fine lad and check it for us, would ya?
It’s not like our mate Gargy needs any extra hassle… :wink:


From what i’v tested it only doesn’t trigger extra turn on Drake Rider.

Video proof of the bug


I wonder if it’s just Drake Rider or all troops with a summons on death trait (that actually procs)? I cannot test this until tonight.

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I was going to post that I killed a Gorgotha which summoned an Ancient Horror on death, and I DID receive the extra turn…


now I cannot recall if I killed TWO troops with that cast in which case the extra turn could have come from the other “non-summon-on-death” troop dying.


Sorry for my bad memory… if I get another chance to test this I will let you know.

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Definitely killing a 2nd troop on the same cast triggers the extra turn if one of the 2 doesn’t summon a replacement. Haven’t had a case yet where only killed 1 troop with summon or 2 troops both with summon.

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I’m going to assume you mean his Spell rather than traits :wink: But we’ll double check his stuff as well as we investigate this issue.


Regarding the Sister of Shadows bug though - we’ve tested this and can see the problem, so thanks for that! Waiting to here back regarding fix time for this.


@Cyrup @Ozball

I can narrow this down even further. This bug has existed for a while and was first reported after the Orc rework. It is not exclusive to Sister of Shadows, but Drake Rider. Anything spell with a condition that triggers on a kill (eg., War, Fire Giant) will not trigger if they kill a fully traited, unstunned Drake Rider and it summons a Drake. This does not apply to traits that activate from killing enemies, like all of those that summon a storm on enemy death - those will fire when killing traited Drake Rider regardless. It does not matter if the Drake summoned in the same slot or not (as someone suggested the last time it was reported), if the Drake is summoned, it will always prevent the “if the enemy dies” spell condition. A stunned or not fully traited Drake Rider does not prevent the “if the enemy dies” spell conditions from activating, the Drake has to be summoned to prevent the “if the enemy dies” spell condition. Other things that summon with traits do not prevent the “if the enemy dies” condition from triggering, even if they trigger their respective summon (eg. the condition will always fire if you deal lethal damage to The Dragon Soul and it revives, or a Corrupt Sorceress that fires Daemonic Pact for example).