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Sirrian's post explaining AI behavior

Does anyone recall where Sirrian’s full reply is where he explains how the AI functions? I tried looking for it for about 10 minutes and can’t find it.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Clarification please.

•if there is 4-match take a random instance
•if there is skull match take a random instance

What on earth does this “random instance” actually mean? That if there are several skull match-3’s on board, it will choose one of them randomly?

I guess I don’t follow this logic because the A.I. almost never misses the simple gem match-4’s except when it deliberately converts them to match-3’s. Thus if it always finds a gem match-4 and then systematically targets all similar match-4’s on the board, there’s nothing “random” about those instances.

Exactly… if it sees a number of things of equal value, it will choose one of those things at random (biased towards vertical matches lower down on the board)

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I am probably thinking too much as a programmer, but it seems a simple way to improve the AI would be for us to be able to specify the priority order for the spells in each team. Eg my herdmaster/soothsayer/valkyrie/druid team would have a priority order of druid/valkyrie/herdmaster/soothsayer.

This would solve the problem of gorgotha only spamming its spell instead of acting as a mana generator etc.

A logical second step is to be able to define a “don’t cast this spell”, eg on a troop with stoneskin in slot 1 that is blocking some of the worker troops’ colors. Or possibly “don’t cast unless it kills a troop”. My preference would be a simple “don’t cast”.

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The AI when frozen is still a bit fuzzy. Like taking a match 4 of a frozen color over a match 3 of skulls

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