Sir Gwayne + Defense = No Bonus Glory

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Weekly event - Bonus Glory. Use Sir Gwayne in PVP and get 5 bonus Glory. Put Sir Gwayne in your defense and you don’t get bonus glory. So… this is either broken, or Defense isn’t actually PVP. Which is it?

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Use Sir Gwayne in your defense.

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Battle rewards for PvP always apply to invading troops only. I agree it is confusing.


that is exactly not what it says in the event.

“Use Sir Gwayne in PVP to gain 5 Glory.”

Yes, you are correct. It does not say in “PVP invades.” But you asked the question: “Which is it?” And I gave the answer to that question.


This has been the same with the weekly ‘use this in PvP for a bonus’ events, since events started two big updates ago. I agree that the language isn’t the clearest, but…


the “which is it?” question is “it’s broken OR defense isn’t pvp.”

I would say its a simple case of “exceptionally poorly worded criteria” that while pointed out multiple times still remains deceptively unclear every time this type of event comes up.

It should say “Invades” but it doesn’t.

To answer your question, neither. No, It’s not broken. Yes, Defends are a sub type of PvP (see ‘Defender’ trait for a specific reference).


That’s correct. The OP presents a false dichotomy, and given his belligerent posting history I suspect it’s intentionally so. In actuality the answer is, “Neither. The wording is subpar and could be improved; bonuses apply to Invade only.” I thought that was clear from my previous post, but perhaps I am mistaken.