Sir ailuin shiny Lv2 not working?

as title suggests, card says create 4 gems but boost is only 3. all 4 troops are knight

It creates a base of 4 gems, boosted by 3 for each knight. The vanilla version creates a base of 3 gems, boosted by 3 for each knight, so the upgrade gets you a total of one extra gem.

so only 1 gem total, not one for each knight?

Nothing to do with boost ratio.

Base spell creates 3 gems plus 3 per each knight troop;
Shiny spell creates 4 gems plus 3 per each knight troop.

that makes sense, so its more crap then :rofl:

It actually feels like the shiny spell upgrade with by far the highest impact, it significantly raises the chance for an extra turn.

even though i misunderstood the spell to begin with. i have been saving my shiny keys specificly for journey troops. i figured it would make them more annoying to fight in GW

If boost ratio also goes up by 1 it will be too op (20 gems created each cast)

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