Since we are being CONSTANTLY ignored

Since the devs and most of the mods are consistently ignoring us and matters important to US… We should tag as many employees as possible in our posts and replies… Until we get on their nerves enough to stop ignoring us completely… You know … like 2017 2018 devs did … We are supporting them and their families… TheY OWE us… We don’t deserve to sit in the dark about EVERYTHING… We pay… We need to be kept in the know about everything… So guys… Tag away until we are treated fairly.


But that’s the real issue isn’t it, they dont owe you, or me, or anyone else, anything. The only thing that woukd change anything is collectively quitting. Just stop playing, stop paying and see what happens.


“Stop paying” should be enough…


You could argue that not lying that often about things while trying to cover it up, failing at that miserable try and being exposed would be a good start in developing some trust again with the “invested userbase” - invested not neccessarily in terms of “money spent”, but “longtime players, community helpers, people that keep the game alive”.
Why do I say “lying”? Just feels like it tbh. Because over the last year+ devs being in the wrong about their own announcements and answers to several questions, constantly delivering bugs (with or without fixes) etc etc became a dev-trend and at some point this isn’t believable anymore that there isn’t malicious intent behind it and that it is just “not knowing any better”. Even if it were always “not knowing any better” it would be hugely shameful and highly questionable to have such public community-spokespersons. They are fast to announce “only having a small team” whenever something needs to be fixed to improve or fix some player-sided disadvantage. But if they crap their own bed so the players seemingly have some kind of advantage, be it even so small, they start running, “fixing things” in no time, Barry Allen style.

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If only tagging would do anything. But they ignore that.

They think we’re the small minority of obnoxious and never happy customers that don’t represent the general player base.

Newer games I tried have their own discord servers where devs are present, they work with their customers, they see this as a mutual benefit.

We on the other hand get some people wo are paid to lie to us and take the fall for any bad and blatantly disrespectful decision.

They’re stuck in the past.

Saving grace is that the game is still fun for the most part, and that the communities we’ve formed outside of this forum are great.

If only the devs would make use of the dedicated fan base instead of dismissing us entirely the game could be so much more.


we are not lying you are misinformed… while showing eveidence of said lie. then once found out… SILENCE


I’ve been around a long time. So yeah, i know it all from weavergate to the time they shoud have banned guid wars cheaters but didnt (the reason i dont want to play B1 anymore). Nothing is gonna change, so if you are really done with it, just quit.

Not the first time, probably also not the last time.

I’ll just step in here and say - this isn’t what you’re looking for. I do not support harassing anyone.

If things are making you upset to the point that you’re considering this might be a good idea - you need to step away.

The workers we interact with are mere employees of a business providing a service. If you don’t like the service, walk away.


The smattering of company reps monitoring the forums and interacting with us here aren’t the ones with the power to make decisions. Harassing them as much as you can isn’t likely to change anything, because those reps have deliberately been put in place as a buffer between the developers and the playing public. (And maybe as “human shields” to absorb the slings and arrows while the development team continues merrily along its way without interference.)

I suspect the people that TC would like to be tagged in a gazillion posts are already aware of his complaints and others like them. I further suspect that those same people have passed that sentiment along up the chain of command at every opportunity.

And I don’t think continuing to do the same thing is likely to have the constructive results TC is looking for. This tactic doesn’t seem to be bearing fruit, so perhaps it’s time to find a different way to go about things?


Lets start slow then.
Maybe by making the statement that “lying” to your players / paying customers might be viewed as a bad thing?

Once there was a forum topic lead by Hawx on how to improve communication and the situation that is basically ongoing since a while. I’m sure there’s been many quality content about the same topic in other threads too. I’m not even saying nothing ever came to fruition, simply because I don’t know about every topic, post, and possible actions on it.
From what I’ve experienced not much quality feedback is coming back from the forum mods. Can lead to the conclusion that even if f.e. the players would gather a certain topic, work out clear points on how to improve things, etc - it most likely won’t go much further from there because the “real” dev team and/or the highest management slot either doesn’t care and/or follows own “plans”. If that is the case, and this is known internally, then I can understand the forum mods not being really interested to chime in with wasting their time.

But that’s all just assumptions.
Of course above could partially or entirely be wrong and something else in hindering.

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So, here’s the thing - we have to assume that the direction of the game is what the people running the show want.

They are the ones that have all the stats on earnings and such. They should be analyzing that data and making changes according to it.

That’s the point of a company.

As a programmer myself, and a long-time user, I know how frustrating it is to see an obvious problem and know how to fix it. Or even just have a great idea and feel like no one is listening.

However, the best we can do is make a post about it. They either see it or they don’t; they either make changes or fixes or they don’t.

They never have to tell us anything, or even the truth. They’ve said before they plan a few months out, which means it can be hard to adapt quickly.

If this isn’t a situation that you’re comfortable with, I suggest taking up an outdoor activity.


Technically that is 100% wrong. Without players, they have nothing. Therefore they owe the players everything.


Yeah, like there is a saying:

“Don’t spit into the crowd because if crowd will spit back - you will drown”.