Sin of Maraj Mythic

At the current moment, what we know about the details of the Sin of Maraj mythic is:

Queen of Sin:
Deal [Magic + 1] true damage to the 2 first Enemies. Summon Wrath or Lust, then Bless all Daemon Allies.

Trait #1: Arcane
Gain 1 Magic when an ally casts a spell.

Trait #2: Spell Armor
Reduce damage from Spells by 25%.

Trait #3: Succumb
Enemies lose 2 from a random Skill Point when an Ally casts a spell.

Doesn’t this mythic seem extremely weak compared to almost everything else? It’s almost at the power level of a legendary. I think the last mythic that has been this lackluster was Fallen Valdis.

I know that everything is subject to change, but I sincerely hope this mythic is still in early stages of development and will be looked at before it’s released.

What do you guys think about this troop if it was unchanged?

I don’t know - her traits aren’t extraordinary, but that third one could be nasty if you put her in a looping/storm team. Spell I actually think is pretty good - bless is pretty potent, and summoning one of two annoying and potentially deadly troops is a nice bonus.

She’s certainly no Fallen Valdis or Gargantaur with their circumstantial and micro-niche use cases. Not every mythic can be TINA-9000…


You left out the important part where it is a 24 mana troop. It makes her really bad.

Queen of Sin is just horrible. The damage output is useless. The summon only helps if you’re behind… and you’ll be behind because QoS does nothing of value. The fact that the summon is random doesn’t help the cause. Blessing all daemons would be helpful except you’re very unlikely to run a full Daemon team and consider using this at the same time.

Abynissia is a 22 mana exploder with a summon and that doesn’t see the light of day. This thing has worse effects.

The 3 traits it has is better than it looks, but only if the troop was good from the get-go.

QoS is similar to Arachnaean Weaver only way worse in every way.

I’d only consider running it at around 18 mana and it still wouldn’t even be a meta team choice by any means. It desperately needs something to snowball Daemons if that’s the role its going to have, like give 5 mana to all Daemons on cast. Or it can stay useless at 24 mana.

Now that I think about it, I’ve always associated Daemons more with cursing things and less about blessing things. Bless all Daemons is just too weird to me.


Just put her in a goblin-loopteam. Easy peasy

Not every mythic can be TINA-9000…

Isn’t that the point of the mythics? To be interesting powerful hard-to-get troops? I honestly believe that every mythic should be around the same power level, and those lacking should be brought up higher.

I understand that there need to be some “S-tier” mythics. But every mythic should be an A-B tier troop, not a C tier.

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Maybe - but I could also see the perspective that because it’s not easy for a large chunk of the player base to get mythics, it’s less disappointing to said chunk if each new mythic is not its own new meta.

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Would still take her over gargantaur anyday.

It’s hard to beat that oaf for uselessness. Though I’m sure someone is trying really hard to so do.


I’ll pick this over Abynissia anyday

even if abynissia explodes everything with no skull on the board and all the gem colors come in even numbers, she only net a gain of 10 mana, i have mana exploder with better rates anytime.
Plus all of her traits are not impressive.
the only good thing is maybe infernal king resurrect and become annoying.

Queen of sin might not be the most power troop you have seen, but it’s definitely not weak, you need to put into context what it is actually summoning:
Wrath - Gem converter, exploder, reflects 25% skulldamage.
Lust - charm, transform, charm on death or other ally death

You mentioned she is only useful when you’re behind, but isn’t those thing exactly what you need when you’re behind? if they are full traited they do damage even if they do not get to cast any spell.

Gargantaur works amazingly when you’re behind. Doesn’t mean it sees the light of day.

Wrath: 18 mana cost, blocks 2 colors from Queen of Sin, doesn’t explode gems unless it is upfront. If you can manage to lose a troop, summon a Wrath, fill 18 mana and manage to cast it on a decent board, then yeah you deserve to catch up. Shouldn’t happen in the current meta.

Lust: Queen of Sin does True Damage, Lust does damage from Charm, which hits armor first. Charm is only good if the enemies have troops adjacent to it.

There are plenty of good Legendary and Mythic Troops that can do wonders early in the game and when you’re behind.

I’d almost say Tian Yi is stronger than this thing, and I haven’t found a decent use for that either.