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Simple question then - WHAT troop counters Famine?

I’m really tired of Famine teams.

I am more than really tired of troops that don’t block what you think they would block.

Someone please - help me. I think people have stopped caring about whether they are getting the full 20k in points for unique defense troops.


You can use any troop with mana shield, he will just deal low damage and not Drain you

Against psion, rag, famine, infernus you can try

Yao guai
Emperor liang
Yao guai
Dragon banner

This team is very easy, everyone except monkey is immune to famine (unless they are stunned) of course

Edit: if you looking for famine 3rd trait counter, only stun will work


In my experience the priority of attack for famine is Hero first and then the most loaded troop.
You can base on this and put Yao in first position (he reflects damage and this helps) to attract famine anger. Personally I use

Hero (DB)

Lantern banner

I discharge the hero first and then it’s easy. I don’t think I ever lost a match against famine teams with this line up.

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Desdemona, double damage and extra turn
Troop of choice depending on opposing team
Spirit Fox


Famine on its own is easily countered as its mana cost is so high. I’m guessing the meta defence you’re seeing is the usual Psion Ragnagord Famine one - the problem troop is really Ragnagord which fills the others so quickly (while Psion nicks your mana and slows you long enough for Famine to casts).

Taking most of the exploder-led fast teams against this is very risky, especially if you rely on Gorgotha in first place.

I find a control team using Diviner in first place leads to pretty easy wins.


This. I hate to give up what has been a truly great team for me against the stupid new Psion/Ragnagord/Famine/whatever person feels like in slot 4 team, buttttt…

I do reaaaally well consistently winning 3-trophy vp fights against that team (can’t remember banner but you can do that legwork)…

The Great Maw
Cockatrice (Mana Drain + Entangle and fast gen for either purpose)
Poison-Master (Exploder that’s SO underrated and multi-troop poison)

All fully traited. Famine isn’t immune to poison. Remember that. Instakills on him when poisoned. Devour Ragnagord. Keep Psion entangled and draining its mana. Deal with 4th as a part of Scorp’s one-shot kill on poisoned troops. :smiley: I don’t wanna tell people that team, because it’s beating this ‘meta defense’ every time.

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Best famine counters, SpiritFox and Dedaemona. They’re both worthy of being put in your team if you find a famine


It’s interesting that all of you missed the question

What TROOP counters Famine. (as in Singular)

By each of your posts - There isn’t a single card out here that counters Famine.

You can build teams - that’s not my question - I already know many … but that first card in front - I put to counter the issue with the other team…there isn’t one that counters famine.

Depend if you talking about his 3rd trait, like i said any troop who can stun will counter him

And if you talk about his spell any troop with mana shield will counter him

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unless what you are looking for a troop that kill famine on the first turn, that is the best choice. she is kinda designed to specifically deal with famine. at least she was, before all of these extra boost to hp. she used to be able to 1-shot famine.

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Whatever Troop they come out with which features a Trait that punishes for Mana Drain. Hopefully!

Call it Mana Shock or something. Possibly a crazy idea.

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Lol or something like mirror, instead of draining someone it wîll drain himself :stuck_out_tongue:

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My other idea was half-baked but what I truly believe is the best “counters” (which they aren’t really) are low Mana fast-fill troops (Snowy Owl is my fave but Leshy, DM, and more because of the flexibility in the many ways you can fast-fill plus low base Mana costs keeps total Team Mana score lower. Not an answer any of us want I don’t think.

ATM on PC more Skulls have been dropping for the last two weeks and staircasing has gone through the roof, leading me to believe that the low Mana Skull-based damage team I cooked up with DP is once again viable. I need to find what it was and try it out again!

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Wait… why is this still a question post-Shentang update? :dizzy_face:

Here. Or… here.

I don’t even need more than two of those to beat Famine teams.

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Alright, upon reading the entire thread thoroughly, I might have been a tad flippant in my original reply. My apologies, @Taisiakat.

There are no silver bullets, but I can think of two troops that enable the rest of your team to “counter” Famine, inasmuch as you can counter a single troop with another one.

  1. Diviner is one of the best transformers in the game right now, and even if she’s the only one on your team that’s resistant to Mana Drain, she’s an indispensable asset against Famine through her utility and reliability. She gives your yellow mana team high value at the expense of abilities that are purely supportive in nature.

  2. Humility doesn’t seem like an obvious counter, but once you’ve fully traited him, you’ll see that he brings value to the entire team just by existing, even more so in the Famine matchup. His third trait will trigger if Famine removes 3 health points, and this quickly adds up as long as your team’s build leans towards the magic stat.

In conclusion: Troops don’t counter other troops, at least not in the way you’re looking for. The team you build counters specific team build archetypes, and the best troops that counter Famine either face the problem head-on or bring greater value to your team by using Famine’s strengths against it.

Hope that helps!