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☁❄☁ SILVER STORM Is Recruiting! ☁❄☁

SILVER STORM Guild on PS4 is recruiting!

550,000 Gold.
1,500 Seals.
400 Trophies.
Daily Guild Wars.
Upgraded Sentinels to at least level 3.
If interested in join us, message our Leader on PSN, Blushing_Kiss.

About the Guild.
We are a very friendly guild, with active players. At the moment we’re back and forth with bracket 1 & 2 hopefully will stay in br1. We also have a privite community, where we discuss teams/usual fun guild chat. Usually do 20 or more legendary tasks a week. And guild level is 1,282.

:cloud::snowflake::cloud:Come join the STORM, the SILVER STORM!:cloud::snowflake::cloud:

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Good luck with your guild, we hope you get back into the top bracket.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


just gonna bump this lol

Got 3 spots open atm :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump bu-bump :slight_smile: we need 4 players atm