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Silence. Still with mana drain?

Another gameplay question for @Nex and @Mr.Strange.

Silence was changed on the PC 1.09 version so that while a troop couldn’t gain mana or use their spell, they no longer lost mana either.

Silence for the 1.09 Console version retains its mana drain to go along with mana gain. Will this be like Entangle where the spell will operate slightly different from the PC counterparts or just a bug now? Thanks in advance.

If true, that’s unintentional. Will look into it.

I can make a video of it after lunch. Thanks.

No need. I know what to look for. But thanks!

I reported this on the 505 site ages ago, with a video…

How ages ago? Silence only lost mana drain as of 1.09.

No, Silence lost mana drain in 1.0.85: Patch notes for April's 1.0.85 update (PS4, Xbox One)

I reported it on April 21, over two months ago.

Oh. Thought that was a newer thing. My bad.

Forgive my need for additional clarity…

The link you posted from March 29th is the patch notes for silence no longer draining mana. Do you mean that, although we CLAIMED to have changed it, it was never changed? And that you submitted a bug on April 21st informing us?

Or do you mean that it was working as stated in the patch notes, and then was broken at some point after that?

Silence was still mana draining even after 1.085 was released. I cursed many a Silent One because of it. So I don’t think it ever worked despite what it said in the release notes.

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With a video, yes.

From my April 21st ticket (I reported 2 bugs. This was the second):
"Second, in the 1.0.85 patch notes (Patch notes for April’s 1.0.85 update (PS4, Xbox One))
it says that, "Silenced troops no longer have their mana drained.“
However, I just had a match when all my troops had mana, with one being
full and ready to cast its ability, and then they were silenced with The
Silent One. When the silence wore off on each of my troops their mana
was empty. It seems silence is working the way it did before the most
recent patch.”

Part of the response:
“Regarding your mana drain incident, I think that a video would be very
helpful in this instance, as I can just send it over to the developer to
investigate! Thank you for your patience, hope you’re having a great

My response to that:
"Unedited (not shortened) video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wZo50RERKc

Silence happens at 1:00; Shadow Dragon breaks out at 1:51; Gorgotha and Druid break out at 2:27."

Rep’s response:
“Thanks! It looks like these issues should be fixed in the next patch
actually, which should be coming very soon. Hopefully all of the fixes
are contained there :slight_smile: Let me know if I can do anything else for you!”

Then I closed the ticket since it seemed to be a known issue and in the process of being fixed.

It never worked as intended, always drained Mana.

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