Silence + Enchanted

Just found out something neat. A silenced troop can’t gain mana from matching gems, but it does gain 2 mana per turn while enchanted. A random bit of trivia for you.


Nice find. That’s good to know. :smile_cat:

I was also glad to find out that Enchanted stays on even after a Khorvash stun-drain.


That’s probably a bug. @sirrian @Nimhain


  • silenced troops can be given mana by other troops’ spells, like Sunweaver or Ysabelle (unless this was recently fixed?)
  • haven’t tried, but suspect Enchant can also give mana to one-shot troops that’ve already cast, like Maw?
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Also, silenced troop can still get their mana drained (Screw you famine :frowning: )

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To add injury to injury :smiley: