🎲 Siedlerpartie (29/30) - Rank 112, GW Bracket 10 - relaxed guild, no minimums, only requirements be active and play guild war - open

Siedlerpartie is searching for one player or two players. No minimum contributions, but we want all players to participate in GW and collect their seals. Everyone is welcome, most players are german speaking so chat is German/English. We complete nearly all tasks each week, sometimes one or two legendary tasks. Currently rank 105 and GW bracket 8, all guild statues over 100.
Kingdoms at 10 preferred but not required.

Are you interested? Tell us your level and status and post your invite code.

Wir suchen einfach jemanden der Spass am Spiel hat, ohne grossartige Verpflichtungen. Stress gibt es im Leben genug. Bei längerer Abwesenheit einfach vorher Bescheid sagen.

Hi everyone!
We’re trying to find the middle ground between competitiveness and fun. That’s why we don’t set any requirements other than having fun and compete in guild wars. Looking forward to meeting you…

Well - we are still one short.

Casual to dedicated players welcome as long as you play guild wars and like the game.
We are steadily moving up to rank 100 and have some great guild war players.
If you like the competition and want to help us move a bracket or two you could fit right in.

Hi Semmel,

Trifft sich gut, habe dir gerade die Einladung geschickt.

Einzahlungen sind überhaupt kein Problem. Bei uns zahlt jeder soviel er/sie will, sobald die Länder auf 10 sind wird es sowieso mehr.
Wichtig sind uns nur die Siegel damit wir bald einmal die 40k schaffen (20k gehen sich locker aus) und die Gildenkriege.

Willkommen - wir lesen uns im Chat - wenn er gerade funktioniert :slight_smile:

LG Nick
BTW: falls du es nicht kennst - bestes Farm Team im Moment - Elspeth, Bombot, Held mit Black Manacles und Mech Klasse und Troglodyte.
Bombot und Held sind automatisch auf 50%, Elspeth killt Trog. und generiert braunes Mana für die beiden anderen, Bombot zerlegt alles, Held räumt auf wenn notwendig

One Spot Open.
Wieder ein Platz frei.

One Spot Open.
Wieder ein Platz frei

Hi - there is one open spot here.

Siedlerpartie is climbing ranks - now 105, GW bracket 8

Join us - no minimum contributions but GW each day would be nice

Ein oder zwei Plätze bei uns sind frei.
Entspannte Gilde, Hilfe im Chat und kein Minimum für Einzahlungen!

Wenn du gerne in einer - bald Top 100 - Gilde spielen willst und Gildenkriege magst melde dich mit Invite Code hier im Forum

Still open!

So are there really no players out there who want to join a guild around rank 100, gw bracket 9 and still no minimum contributions in gold, trophies etc.?

2 spots are still open - contact me if you are interested.

I’m looking for a guild as my current guild is mostly inactive. I am 125 level now and able to complete 1500 seals weekly.
Let me know, if you’re going to send me an invitation, and then I will leave my current guild.
Invite code: OLAFSON_RD3A.

You are absolutely welcome.
I will send you an invite as soon as you leave your guild and i am online again :slight_smile:

I hope you also like Guild Wars as we would like to advance a little bit from bracket 9 currently.
A handful of longtime guild members don’t play it regularly.

And here is a direct reply - just so you get a notification.

Reply on the topic or pm me when you are out of your current guild.

I’m out of my current guild.

Invite on the way!

One more spot is open, one player wants to leave since he has no time for the game.

Who likes guild wars and a relaxed guild where you can set your own pace and decide how much you contribute?

We are still searching for one player - PM me or post a short description and Invite code in this thread if you are interested.

one spot free and we are rank 100 now

Closed for the moment!
Back at 30.