Show me the mythics. Who has the most cards mythic? (Rankings)

Zuul’Goth is in my list.

Maybe the list is correct and just not showing the Lamp because well I don’t have one now :smiley:
I’ll see tomorrow when I get one :smiley:

Could it be possible to have a combined list from all platforms on GoWDB? @Lyya

It seems that only one xbox player currently has all troops mythic. I’m still missing soul gnome. Pulled zero from ~70 vaults.

Also I’m hoping the treasure troops would be considered as troops. But that’s just like my opinion man.

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Yes, cross-platform lists are doable. I’ll try to come up with a formulation.


Current answer: me and @actreal. Subject to change. :wink:




When I first started this mythics leaderboard that inspired the ascension leaderboard back in March 2017, I always hoped I would reach this day.

I’ve finally ascended my entire collection of troops (even the treasures which aren’t counted) and tied for the number one spot on the ascenscion leaderboard!

This will be one less thing to obsess over before I start my second novel.

Congrats to everyone else who has reached this milestone at one time or another.