Should the A.I Be made easier to play against? POLL

Should the A.I be fixed?

That is a link to the actual poll, Feel free to give your answers and comment

Seriously another thread for this? Come on just move on


Get some guild guardians and learn how to loop effectively. However nothign sucks more than winning every match. Learn how to lose and take it graciously, because life isn’t always about winning and neither is Gems.


Please revisit the following thread to your hearts content if you would like to rehash old info, leave the community out of this nonsense.


The same AI that takes skull matches when the first troop is clearly entangled? I think the AI is fine where they are. Sometimes, you just get unlucky and you can’t win them all.

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So sorry to offend you. Maybe you could just not click on the thread next time? The issue is not so much what moves the AI makes, it’s the absurd combos that sometimes drop after the AI makes a move that is the reason why I made the thread to begin with.

Edit: Sorry, it appears your post was to link to my thread. I am bad at interneting. I do think the AI is fine, but on consoles the drops that favor the AI seem pretty bad at times. Much worse on console than on pc/mobile. I made the thread initially out of frustration. I was losing 10x the amount that I usually do. I do think there may be some recall bias that is at play with a lot of the complaints made in regards to the AI. But, it is really a much more frustrating experience on consoles than on pc/mobile in my opinion. The cascades are much less frequent on pc, and the game feels more based on strategy than luck.

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The problem is that despite many, many people reporting the strange and sometimes ridiculous drops in the AI’s favor, the devs have said they’ve exhaustively tested it and they don’t see a problem.

Therefore any thread in this vein is just pissing in the wind. No amount of polling is going to change anything.


The game is already too easy… almost boring. How about letting the ai move first 50% of the time. Can someone create a thread on that. Yes you would lose more invades, but your defend team would win more too…

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If invades and defenses were even remotely equal in value that might be a worthwhile trade. Considering defenses right now are just north of worthless, no thanks.

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Every year we get a a thread like this.
… All I can say is: Less QQ, more pew pew

I in a prior thread somewhere on here in the past years the devs talked about how the player perceives the AI cheating while not seeing the same system fall in to place when he/she is benefitting from same type of matching.

To put this is another simpler way. It’s okay for you get multiple chains reactions but it’s not okay for the computer. If the AI gets more than 3 or 4 chain reactions your brain percieves this actions as something extremely negative, however when the chaining is happening on your turn the perception is quite gratifying.

So in laymens terms, it’s okay for you get get chain reactions however if the AI does it than its cheating. I hate to say it but psych 101 really does kinda explain this behavior in people. People who fall in this trap tend to be a little crazy.

to me the whole case is very simple:

AI - consists of decisions what to do during AI’s turn, to move gems or cast and in what way to do it? if you have problem with how ai makes decisions about gem matches or spells address it as something related to AI

gem drops that are falling into the board - NOT AI, this is game mechanic that is neither ai nor player related, if you have problem with gem drops, try to address it directly, ask for some tweak on the gem drops for player favor or ai favor, whatever you desire but at least call it appropriately - right now devs stated multiple times that the gem drops are equally rng fair for both the player an the ai - meaning same algorhitms are applied for both sides and there is nothing that would couse extra treatment for either side (beside the combo breaker used for player favor in particular cases)