Should summoned troops in Arena be leveled?

I play a few Arena games every now and then still. Last night I took a Baby Dragon for fun. I don’t normally like it but was curious if it could do something funny.

(It turned out to deliver and summoned The Dragon Soul one game, haha.)

Many of the dragons it summoned were… weaker than the Baby Dragon. The troop card said they were leveled, but the stats did NOT match what I expected out of a troop at that level. Is this working properly?

I don’t have screenshots, but can get them again if I find another Baby Dragon.

The only baby dragon summon that sticks out for me is once when it summoned elemaugrim. This was before i had him so i was super pumped. He did 4 damage to everyone. I was quite upset because that felt extremely low. Idk what his stats are normal without my bonuses though. I’m curious as to people with actual data about this topic’s answers

Transform, not summon. Transform takes the level and traits of the the troop in your collection. Arena can’t access your collection. There was a bug for a time where transform did allow it to access your collection, and you could get ascended/traited troops from Baby Dragon, making Baby Dragon kinda broken. For summons, they normally take your ascencsion rank and traits from your collection and level from the magic score from the troop that summoned them, but (at least the last time I played arena many months ago) arena summons were coded to instead just come in at level 15 and ignore your collection and the magic score of the summoner entirely.

Basically, they’d need to redo the way transform works specifically for arena to be similar to summons to fix this issue, and judging by how long other arena changes have been taking, this could be a while.

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OK, so I can divine from this:

  • The “right” arena behavior would be for BOTH transform and summon to bring out a Lv. 15 troop, since that’s what I remember is “the Arena level”. (The number doesn’t really matter, I just know all troops are supposed to be the same level.)
  • The “real” arena behavior seems like it’s grabbing a level 1 something in at least some cases, which implies it’s still accessing my collection in some way, shape or form. That said, I didn’t get a fully traited TDS when that got brought out, so something more complex than just “it finds the troop in my collection” is going on.
  • It is known that “something is wrong” and right now the answer is “this is part of why you don’t pick Baby Dragon”.

Or accessing a null collection. This also happens when fighting transforming (or traitsummoning, like Daemonic Pact, which works the same way) troops that aren’t connected to a specific player. They always summon at level 1 with no trait - you’ll see this happen sometimes with Daemonic pact fires in Dungeons and explore.

For non-player teams, they used to access the enemy’s starting troops as a “collection” and would traitsummon at the correct level if one of those troops was in the battle when it started (Infernal King for example would always come back at the correct level if he was part of the initial team). However, this also led to a bug where the stats of that troop after it had been difficulty boosted were counted as the base stats for any future summons of that troop, leading to situations where an Infernal King could revive at 9x base stats if you played on Warlord IV, or the Giant Spider in The Reaver challenge summoning a 9x stats Spider Swarm, or the Dark Master in Thralls to the Wall summoning a 9x Thrall, etc, but any troop not in the battle when it started was polled at base stats (times the difficulty multiplier). I assume the “fix” got us to where we are now, since this no longer seems to be possible.

I’m not getting transforms that are weaker than Baby Dragon. After I noticed it the first time I put Baby Dragon in first slot to skull the hero to death quickly

He did baby damage.


But in Arena “4 damage to everyone” is quite good.

Mostly because it’s an instant counter to Dawnbringer’s barrier…

…if the troop could only survive Dawnbringer.

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