Should I spend my guild seals?

For someone like myself with all the guild wars troops at mythic, should I spend my guild seals now before these troops are added to the guild chests? Or will they be treated like the guild guardians and stop dropping after 4 mythic copies?

Keep it and wait for level 5 so that give you extra chance for new mythic

I don’t think they’ve specifically said how the GW troops would be treated, i.e., whether they would stop dropping after 4 mythic copies. I would assume that’s how they would work, but I’ve made a lot of incorrect assumptions about this game before.


And unless MY wires are crossed which is totally possible, I thought the plan was to eventually release new GUILD SEAL exclusive troops in the future.

I’m saving mine for that time… hope I’m right about what I remember! :cold_sweat:

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I hope you’re wrong, only because I am trying desperately to close the gap on traited troops and another 180 arcanes to farm would crush me.

I would wait till tomorrow, but yeah especially if your Guild has 40K souls