Should I get Krinkle's Golden Toy Bag?

What am I missing here? I am assuming that the “Legendary Troop” referenced in that panel is Kris Krinkle. The card shows no bonus, though, so why would I want this pet?

For the collection.

Well, I don’t really need it for my collection. Four pets already at level 20 are plenty.
And, I see that the red toy bag is the “pet” that give Kris Krinkle his bonus skill points. So that’s something.

Yep, the normal pet gives the stat bonuses.

If you don’t need it and are not one of the players - like me - who want all the pets then there is no need to get it.

On the other hand, one copy isn’t all that expensive.

But totally up to you. It’s just cosmetic.

Oh, yeah, and for pet mastery and the chance of a new orb. Not sure if it’s worth it but there’s that as well.

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