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Should I craft Worldbreaker or not?

I don’t mind sharing my teams in public as I have done so multiple times, so for speed and PVP farming (ranked PVP, 3 trophy) I use Divine weapon/Infernus/Ketras/Ishba. This is fast and effective.

My dilemma is on whether or not to craft Worldbreaker for offense purposes, and if he would make my team faster, or slower.

Honestly, Worldbreaker is an amazingly useful mythic and one that I use a lot. (Though, I am a dev, so lets see what the rest of the playerbase has to say.) :slight_smile:


I won’t say this often, but I think you are correct.

He might not make that team in particular any faster, but he slots into other great teams.

My biggest gripe with him VS what slot he’s going to take. He would take over where Ketras is now, who charges up in just a few turns thanks to both starting with half mana and the hero weapon. He then one shots an enemy, and sets the next one up for Infernus to go to town on.

But with Worldbreaker, he’d start at nothing, and 32 is a lot to collect, especially since Infernus would be before him.

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Really like Worldbreaker, he is part of my two safest GW teams. But it won’t make your Divine farm team faster.

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Agree, he’s absolutely one that’s worth having and using.

I’d say think about hanging onto your resources to instead craft:

  • Infernus
  • Famine
  • Ketras

… in that order… but it seems you already have (two of) those…

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I heavily contemplated Famine when he was there, but decided against it. My defense isn’t especially valuable to me and he isn’t much for speed on offense, so I gave him a pass.

The other two combined with Ishbaala have been amazing.

Famine is still good in GW.

I like Worldbreaker. I think of it as a Tier 2 troop to craft, great to own, but not an absolute necessity.

Better than a lot of other ones though. I use it in Guild Wars

I agree with Jainus as per usual - good to craft, not the absolute highest priority but up there.

I think you’re really asking 2 questions.

  1. Should I craft Worldbreaker? Answer = Yes, he’s a great troop.

  2. Should I replace one of the troops in my Divine team with him? Answer = No.


Since my priority is speed, and I have the fastest team known to me, I think I’m going to pass on him unless something is brought to my attention somewhere.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

My suggested crafting ranking is something like:

The Dragon Soul >>>>> Infernus = Pharos Ra > The Worldbreaker > Famine

There’s a handful of legendaries I might consider inserting into that order too, but if you already have the three troops to the left of The Worldbreaker he’s a great addition. If you’re missing one or more, here’s why I rank them this way:

  • The Dragon Soul is extremely versatile and lets you build many “good at PvP” but also “can farm for souls” teams.
  • Infernus gives you incredible offensive power that will hasten your progress through PvP and Pet Rescues.
  • Pharos-Ra is the king of soul farming, but if you don’t already have a consistent PvP/Pet Rescue team souls aren’t exactly your problem.
  • The Worldbreaker takes a lot of mana and a lot of matches to get going. The only teams where I use it and it’s powerful tend to be teams with either TDS or Infernus.
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My fav offense team to use is my Dragon Soul, Infernus, Worldbreaker and Elemaugrim teams. It is fast and wins 99% of the time. I have a lot of fun with it :slight_smile: