Should I ascend all troops to mythic?

Hello. I’m quite new to the game. I want to ask if is it worth to ascend all troops to mythic? Since some troops have better spells than others, so I’m really confused if I should leave some weak troops behind?

You’ll ascend all troops to Mythics eventually. In the beginning I’d recommend to ascend only good troops, those which you use often.

Ascending doesn’t require any resources other than extra copies (unlike leveling, which you’ve got to be particularly careful with in the early stages). I would say if you have the copies then have at it, barring some strong troops you may want two of (then just wait a bit longer).

Though for the latter, you’re really only going to want two copies of something if you get traits, which is probably out of your reach for a while. So just ascend away.


You have only 2 options for how to use excess copies of troops (except for treasure troops, see below). Those options are Ascension and Disenchantment.

Disenchantment allows you to destroy cards to gain souls. However, the number of souls gained is very poor, so I do not recommend this at all. If you need more souls, you can farm them very easily, so don’t even think about disenchanting. If you don’t know how to farm souls, please ask.

For most troops, ascension has no drawbacks, except:
1- If you want to run multiple copies of a troop in the same team, you might not be able to do so after ascension. However, if you have such a team set up, you will not be able to ascend if doing so would invalidate the team.

2- Treasure troops from the underworld. You can use copies of these to increase the treasure hoard of underground factions. Because of this, these troops do not ascend when you use the “ascend all troops” function, and have to be ascended individually.

So, my advice is to use the “ascend all troops” function whenever you see it, as it will not ascend troops in either of the circumstances I have outlined, but will do so for all other troops.

This is because ascension uses multiple copies of the same troop, and excess copies cannot be used to ascend any other troop. By contrast, levelling uses souls, which can be used to level any troop. So, level with souls only if you need to, but feel free to ascend anything you can.

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Ultimately, ascending your troops to mythic, and leveling them all to 20, is going to be required for kingdom power level (stars), which leads to stronger stat bonuses and higher tributes (more gems!!!). Always ascending, leveling, and traiting troops is a sound practice.

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