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Should GW be cancelled this week? Poll

  • Yes
  • No

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Too late, not cancelled.

RIP Tuesday defends.

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No it shouldn’t be. We have known ever since unique defends was introduced that every week all our defend teams revert to our pvp defense team all anyone had to do is edit their pvp defense team to their GW blue defense team.

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Every guild is in the same boat so no advantage or disadvantage to anyone.

Exactly this - all these people whining about something that affects every guild equally.

Not that it matters, but the Europeans really got screwed this week, so no, everyone was not “in the same boat”.

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They would if GW was cancelled no one would lose or win anything for that matter.

The thing is, people that had any slight advantage with these issues, as in being able to login after the fix and avoid point loss, are not interested to lose it because of something so trivial as equality or justice… No, those things are only profitable in some sense when spotlighted in social medias with a lot of hashtags, shares, likes and such.

Others, maybe the vast majority, simply don’t care at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted yes, but i have no hope that anything will be changed even if the option would win, but still feels right.

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Are there any Europeans only guilds out there?

Of course! Many!