Should a flash offer for currently craftable weapon exist?

It’s another way to get the weapon, spending cash instead of the crafting resources you might want to save for something else. Looks fine to me.

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Wow, Doomed weapons take a lot to craft.

yeah honestly for 60k souls, for someone still grinding for DB, thats a lot for me. ill probably take the flash deal when it comes up for the doom weapon that i missed

Only because it’s actually an individual flash offer (the first one that I know of ever.) Yes that’s fine, do you want my Eggplosion offer instead that was just available for everyone not too long ago?

I just received one for Eggplosion this morning. Since I need to complete my collection I bought it :woman_shrugging:t2: Just need Fire&Ice for 100% completion.


That’s worth it, for the gems alone. 100 gems is like 5 bucks in the ordinary store, so the doomed weapon is just an extra.

I got an offer for one of the old elemental weapons instead…no thanks lol.


I think every weapon should be available:

  • In an event shop (begrudgingly admitting time-limited is acceptable.)
  • For in-game resources.
  • For money.

All three are true here so no real harm.

I just crafted silent night and bought eggplosion today, my weapon collection is complete. Funny how the two I was missing they give away to PC/Mobile and not Xbox

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I should have bought all the old elemental weapons so they can’t show up as flash offers.

Thanks to the flash offer, I now have every weapon in the game.


Yeah, well, mine was for Light Staff. RNG slaps me again.

My flash offer was Trickster’s Shot.


Iirc from the Dev Q&A, weapons appearing in Flash Offers weren’t supposed to be concurrently offered in the Soulforge. Not 100% sure how that was meant to be implemented (e.g. removed from the Soulforge for a day, or Flash offer selected from weapons not in Soulforge), but I’d query whether or not this is working as intended regardless of what we think should happen.

while we’re on the subject, i got a flash deal the other day for Eye of Xathenos. I was pretty eager to snatch that one up since it cost the same as the rest of the weapon flash offers. saved me 100k souls toward crafting him. Hey dev’s I’d do the same for the DB parts as well. hint hint nudge nudge.

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I see zero reason why that would be an issue. As long as it’s still a million souls to craft DB still. The other 300k souls would be fairly exchanged for $15.
They really need to adjust the gems or gold for souls in the shop. It hasn’t been adjusted in years despite their constant adjustments to the economy.

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Eye of xanethos was the $5 weekly weapon a long time ago, I posted about it then and no one cared. :man_shrugging:
I’m pretty sure that’s the only weapon of xan or dawnbringer to slip in, and I’m sure it was accidental.

Damn. Well I’m glad I grabbed it haha