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Shining Force 1

#7 Ranked Guild ShiningForce1 recruiting for an open spot. All rewards hit weekly and Bracket 1 in GW.

Reqs: 1300+ seals / 200+ trophies / All GW daily matches / Level Sentinels to 4 / $520k gold

Contact nc-schulzfr8 or walkingdeadeye58 via PS4 message.

Where’s minimus?

Again, a misleading post. You’re in bracket 1 not 2 for guild wars. Lying on your own recruitment thread doesn’t look good to any interested parties.

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No lying here. SF1 moves to guild 1 occasionally then loses and falls back to 2. Accusing someone of lying shows what an ignoramus you are.

Nice come back. :+1:
Took you long enough…:upside_down_face:

Left this guild shortly after this post.

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All good. We knew them all to well.
Hopefully you found a better place. :+1:

Nothing like dragging up an old post from 8 months ago :joy: At the time, you claimed to be bracket 1 guild wars which you was not, you was in bracket 2. That is clearly a lie or would you prefer it to be called false advertising to entice people to join? Facts don’t lie so I can’t be ignoramus can I? Either way it is all irrelevant now as it was 8 months ago :+1: