Shining Force 1 looking for members


Shining Force 1
Is the name of my guild.
Now I’m 26 years old and yes I’m a gamer girl :wink:
I like to be a leader :wink:
And if you fight hard and do your best you can be my right hand.
So please come to my guild and help me .
My name in game is Maximus because Russell Crowe ist soooo hot :slight_smile:


Hi I wise you well with your Guild if it doe’s not work out your more than welcome to join us at Robin Puds Merry Men,I can’t make you a Leader but I have one place left for a 2nd in command or my left hand Woman :slight_smile: also have a couple of females already helping build the Guild.We have 10 members with 30% gold bonus being a Silver 1 with over 750 trophies.

Happy gaming Miss enjoy Gems…Regards SW


That’s very cute boy :-*
But we’re are 3 members and one step away from 25 %
So it seems we are more effecient.
Why you and your guys don’t come under my force?
And you know what?
I’ll give you my promise - make you to my 1. First man in the force.
What means seccond position - one under me :wink:


LOL sorry not a boy i’m old enough to be your Dad :slight_smile: It was a friendly offer so like I said happy gaming Miss


I know sorry fore that :-/
It was really frindly , thanks.

But please understand i have to take care about my guys.
And i invest much work and time in my guild, so…

For information - I go to spinning know.
But please answer me.
I read it later.

Bey :-*


Is that you in the profile pic?


yes i’m a giant W in real life lol


Haha, just wanted to see if she/he was catfishing cause google image search is fun.


I understand Miss i’m in the same place as you we both have put a lot of effect into are Guilds,and we are both looking out for are other members.My first two members were from a new Guild they left to join me,thats why I only have one 2nd in command free.We have been going about 30 days with 5 members not very active at the minute.PvP is mostly me and a couple of other guy’s playing most of the others are doing the Quests.
I’ve a lot of invite messages sent out not saying i’ll get many answers but it’s worth the effect if only a few join,it’s pretty hard work getting new members for the game.So sorry I asked the question if I’d have known you were already at 25% gold then I would never have asked,I thought you had only just started your Guild up.
Like I said happy gaming Miss I wish your Guild all the best and i’ll wave as you shoot by us on the Leader Board :frowning: No really enjoy the game because I know I do :slight_smile:


Yes my parents came from Japan.

But for you, hope you looking better than your picture :wink:


Dear mister waylander.

You’re really gentle man :blush:
I’m happy you understand why I couldn’t leave my guild.
I wish you good luck too.
Best wishes

I forgot sth :smiley:
How long did you searched for members and where did you searched?


Google image search tells that the girl in your profile pic is an instagram “model” named Vickibaybee from US. So you can stop that act xD Nothing personal, just don’t like catfishes.


Tell you what, this girl /guy pranks me to with her pics at a dating community. Not cool :-/
So i saved her pics - because they were hot :smiley:

The only reason ist to catch some members for my guild.

I used the sexy female trick.
Because it is so hard to get members!
Sorry for that


Hah at least you’re honest about it when called out. Good luck with the guild. You can get in to top 50-100 with just a 10 or so active members, so hope you get there :slight_smile:


What about you, u play gow? :wink:


Yeah, in Santa’s guild #5 soon to be #1 on PS4.


Oh ok, whish you good luck.!
Have a nice day