"Shining Force 1" every week bracket 1 looking for a good player to join our efficient Guild

Shining Force 1

Rank 5
Bracket 1 / rank 4-6 at the Guild wars
Many legendary tasks weekly

Our requirements.

520k Gold
500-1000 trophies
1500 seals
Play guild wars and level the sentinels

If you want be part of our efficient Guild and you’re able to hit our requirements than just contact me.
You will be part in a friendly guild and get big rewards.

Greetings Maximus

Friendly my backside. You’re a devious cheat and a terrible person.
I’m glad trancii left and we both know what you’re really like.

Don’t know what is your problem.
Just look at your own guild.
People come an go that is natural.
Everybody have different interests.

We are a guild with rules which everyone brings the same in.

Other guilds have other concepts.

So don’t spam my threat with your hatefull comentars.

You’re a liar, underhanded, you have a complete lack of morals and deliberately went out of your way to influence the guild wars points and my guild’s performance. I have proof, you’ve been investigated and will post your lies here if you don’t crawl back under the rock where you can from. I will not stand for posts saying how friendly and amazing you are when you’re just a low life backstabbing lying cheat.
Anyone who joins this ‘guild’ must be desperate.
Why or how you’re still here is beyond me.

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Did i kicked you when you bring week per week round 10000 points did o kicked Mc for his under 10000 points?
No i don’t.
I gave you ideas and several teams to beat or enemies.
You grow up in my guild till the point you decided to go for some little girl reasons.

And you Ozzi Danny boy. Do you think iam interested in your bullshit opinion?
You are just a little baby all the time you stay in this forum you are crying.
Crying for how bad is the world and all the people in there.
Go home to mommy.

Piss off cretin. So bullshit that the devs had to investigate you. You’re a complete joke and everything I’ve ever had when dealing with your lies I can prove.
You’re like a disease on this forum and the one person I wish would just go away completely.
Hey, let’s ask emilano about you as well while we’re at it shall we?
The guy has quit the game because of the stunt you pulled.
There’s no words I can can use here to describe what I think about you and your joke guild.
Don’t ever ever message me or post anything about me or my guild ever again and I’ll extend the same courtesy to you and try to ignore and forget that you even exist.

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:joy: 10ofem

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Oh don’t do that please the Danny boy crying show goes round 2 !
Do not hurt your eyes of all the tears?!
you really boring me.
For me, you’re just a little girl who has her days!

One open spot atm.

hey guys, i’d like to join if there’s room. active player looking for a guild to join

Which level do you have?
And how many trophies you earn per week?

2 open spaces atm

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One open spot atm!

One open spot atm. Just message me