Shared guild leadership

Of all the things that are bad or could be improved, i am still puzzled as to why after all these years and many tickets submitted by others(unsure if there is a post regarding this), that we are still not able to share GL duties?

I cannot count the times where ive needed my bestie or someone i trust just as a lot of guilds have such as mods, right hand men etc, where ive needed a break for holiday and then have to hand GL over to another person.

Why can we not just have 1 extra rank under GL who have the same permissions as the current GL?

Its only the GL who cam demote and kick people, it would be awesome if there were another rank under GL where the GL could put his mods/co leaders etc into who can run the guild whilst the GL is away without having to physically go and make another person GL…

It really doesnt seem hard yet its still not possible…

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Simply coz the devs dont want GLs having free time :wink: