Share your MinoGORE teams

I still haven’t found the perfect combination but I do enjoy:

Minogaur / Justice / Syvlanimora / Green Seer

What other combos are people using?


Works well for me😎

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Gorgon / Minogor / Banshee / Templar (everyone’s fully traited)

I know this sounds like a crazy team but here’s the reason and why

Minogor isn’t the best in slot 1, even though he’s got this amazing first trait. He can’t withstand at the upper levels the amount of skull damage I run into. So he’s under Gorgon

I tend to feed gorgon brown to get him started
Mino gets green and red once gorgon is charged (and I keep him charge unless I really have no other choice to attack with him)

Banshee is awesome creating red from blue

Templar is the odd one and here’s why. Again Mino is not the best shield but with Templar I get to feed him shield and he makes green mana.

Looks normally like this

order of feeding
Gorgon (if I can’t feed Mino first)

If the team I am going up against doesn’t have any of the OPs on it, Templar gets replaced with Soothsayer (because of the event)

If I feel like doing explore mode I replace Templar with Acolyte so I get the most souls.

That’s exactly what I’m running into. Forest Guardian gives him Barrier but I’m having trouble feeding both of them.

I’ve tried Sylvanimora to entangle the first enemy but I face so many Bone Dragons, that doesn’t work either.

It’s probably time to give up on the extra Glory and move on…

But you know after two turns with Templar and I usually get him charged by turn two or three, Mino starts being a real powerhouse.

I had one pvp that something took out gorgon within the first three turns (I wasn’t paying attention until it was too late that the thing kept doing direct damage) but by that time I had Templar fired off twice and Minogor had at that point gotten to 32 Shield and was holding his own.

I have considered messing around with putting him as number one bringing Valk/Ban/Templar combo so they can support Mino and just buff him and his shields. The other team buffs him with their turns for attack (I have gotten to 50 for attack) - and that would do nice double damage skull on just about anything.

I’ve seen 1 Captain Paytowin with 4 Mythic Minogors.

That’s a crap team. :smiley:

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Not when the AI cheats more tgan Eddie Geurrerro (RIP)

And really easy (if boring) to get

Are you on console?

Nope. Steam and Android.

Interesting, I’m on iOS so using the same AI engine as you.

I don’t see the endless cascade all that often. It’s more the cheese like Bone Dragon and Death that make me want to rage quit.

I get it at least once a match where tge AI is taking 3 or more turns

Add to that matches where I’m constantly left with only one move that sets up cascading skulls for the AI or I make a move to block the color that sets off OP ability and the AI just dropsvthe same color and does OP ability anyway.

Yeah, I’m definitely not seeing that nor do I remember seeing it nearly that often. It does happen but maybe once every 15 matches or so.

I have heard anecdotally that it happens quite a bit on console, which has the new AI.

I like the game. But I’ve already reconsidered buying up to VIP 5. if they’re going to make the AI worse I’ll never spend another dimevon this game

So back on topic, this is the team I’m running with right now.

Not very fast but pretty resilient.

Queen Ysabelle
Forest Guardian

Focus is really on buffing Minogor and keeping him alive. Between Isabelle giving him armor and Forest Guardian giving him Barrier (plus Sylvanimora providing entangle) he’s pretty hard to kill.

Then you have Ysabelle buffing his attack, Forest Guardian generating skulls, and Sylvanimora adds a little AOE for good measure.

Some more things about this team:

  1. Forest Guardian gives Fast to Minogor, meaning he only needs 1 match-3 of either green or red to be charged and ready to fire on turn 2.
  2. Having Sylvanimora as an exploder can definitely help generate mana if you get unlucky and lose Minogor.
  3. Surprisingly, I’m not having much trouble with green despite all 4 troops having green. I set my banner to +1 blue, +1 yellow and it seems to be working well.

I’m pretty happy with

Forest Guardian***

Cast Minogor for 72 dmg (if att > opponent att), then cast Wulfgarok on same target and eat another one. The first two kills are fast because of Forest Guardians 3rd trait. The other two are going down pretty fast with a cast of Forest Guardian.

EDIT: I wouldnt play it next week anymore. +5 glory is nice… other than that, there are faster teams.

I don’t have Wulfgarok. :wink:

Until pvp bugged out on me this week I was having very reasonable success against all 3 trophy opponents with:


Just Minogor whatever Gorgon randomly targeted first and they’re usually dead. Rinse and repeat with Sunweaver attack boosts mowing down things with skulls.

If it looks like Minogor will die then just boost up Gorgon.

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