Share your Favorite Autumnal Imp Team!


Right now, Im still tinkering and haven’t found that right balance yet, but Im using:

Hero with Eye of Xathenos
Autumnal Imp

Its super clunky, yet really effective.

What imp team are you using?


I made a team with Crimson Bat, Herdmaster, the Imp and Orion. It is a very idiotic team. I love it.


I slotted the Imp into my Goblin Rocket team in place of Goblin Shaman. While losing a little of the ability to keep recharging abilities without giving back the turn that I got from the shaman, it does a pile of damage while still giving back a lot of mana and at least having a chance to trigger a match-4, seems to be worth the trade-off.

Hero (Deepstone)
Autumnal Imp
Boar Rider
Goblin Rocket


Here is a fun one:

Autumnal Imp
Autumnal Imp
Autumnal Imp
Hero(Prismatic Orb)

Set home kingdom to Khaziel, and stuff them into any banner since elementals don’t have a banner. :disappointed_relieved:

The Hero will fill up at least one of the imps, and the imps will destroy 10 random gems to fill prismatic orb back up. It’s not an infinite turn loop, but keeps the attacks going every turn.

Disclaimer: Requires 240 Glory. :smile_cat:


I used this team and I find it a little slow, add one or two worms from Khaziel. Your screen will become brown and you’ll get only one autumnal Imp with high damage :grin:


I tried replacing a pair of Imps with Rock Worms, and while it worked fine, it wasn’t very fun. I find it more enjoyable destroying random gems over creating them. I made a new team to expand my interest:

Autumnal Imp
Hero(Prismatic Orb)

I set banner to Karakoth for 1 attack to Golem, and I have so few Karakoth teams.

Golem fills quickly to remove all enemy armor. Once their armor is gone, Behemoth does damage to all enemies until one is below 6 life. Finally, Autumnal Imp sweeps the remainder of the enemy team. All three of them destroy gems to fill the hero back up.


Hero - Anu’s Sceptre, Terraxis, Autumnal Imp, Siren is a fun team.
Ignore filling sceptre (unless you have x4 blue) and concentrate on filling any of the other 3 - let sceptre fill via incidental matches and only use if necessary. I generally win without having to use sceptre but its nice to have the back up.
Gotta love that (yooo hoooo) Siren !


Gloom Leaf - (Staff of Madness) - Silent One - Autumnnal Imp

I have found this imp to be much stronger than the summer one.


This team is highly successful for me (am lev 711)

Hero Fire and Ice, Herdmaster, Autumnal Imp, Reaver.

I generally find that Reaver (a very under rated troop imo) gets a few goes at 10/11 damage x 2. Herdmaster 's team cleanse is useful if you get the dreaded webspinner/poisoners.
Works fast for me - and no losses yet :wink:


This is my autumnal imp team against a webspinner team

Enjoy :smile:


Autumn Imp

though I may rework it a bit.


Nice one. I would replace Eggsplosion with War & Peace for an extra brown use.


I may have to try that out tonight.