Shards of Acclaim is recruiting 29/30 req:550k gw-inv-raid

We have 1 free spot atm. Guild rank 60. Our weekly reqs: 550k on monday, 1500 seals, raid-invasion-gw, no trophies req. We have community chat with no drama. If you’re interested in, pm DGN-77, SpicySalsaVerde or me, Kensignore.

My wife and I are both members of this guild and I can say that I have never had a group of people that I enjoy playing with so much. They are the right mix of fun and helpful!

We get all normal tasks done on Monday and end up with at least several legendary tasks done each week! With no trophy requirements (unlike a lot of other very active guilds) you can play the way you want to play the game!

We tend to get most of the rewards in invasion/raid and always hit 40k seals. Gems doesn’t need to be a job, and with us it won’t be. Come in and enjoy the fun!

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