Shadows over Krystara

News about the new event troop, I could not find it in the boards:

…as anyone who has ever used a razor knows, the more blades the better. It’s a shame then, that Dark Elves don’t have 4 arms, else the Shadowblades would be as good at stabbing as a Schick Quattro is at trimming around the edges of a very manly beard.

Seriously though, the Shadowblades are still very stabby.
Don’t go into Zhul’Kari without a stab-proof vest.
You’ve been warned!

You may just delete this thread, when the original comes up..


Thanks for this; I hadn’t seen it yet either.


Just fixed that. It was accidently missed when we were setting up the blog to go out.


Np. :slight_smile: This thread one can be deleted now, thanks. :slight_smile: