Shadow Company Recruiting!


We have lots of highly active players and plenty of task rewards everyday :smile: One space available!


I play almost every day. Invite code : Hannigan


Hi. You are welcome to join us. You will need to leave your current Guild so I can send an invite to you. Thanks.


Done ! Thx


I have sent you an invite :smile:


I play everyday. Level 33
Looking for top 30 guild.

Philo Morin



Our guild is ranked 41 currently. We were 60 something a few weeks back; we are climbing the ranks nicely. You are welcome to join if you are a regular player and contributor to the guild. Plenty of task rewards everyday. Let me know if you want an invite please.


Sure thing. Fast reply is a very good sign. Any guild rules?


Thank you for your consideration


Invite sent :smile:

No official rules. I keep an eye on the guilds activity, I just want people play and contribute often. It is supposed to be fun after all.