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Set in a new guild "Angelic Devils" The rating is already 2977. We still need participants

We will accept those who wish. The guild is brand new, just a couple of days. But the plans are very global and the desire to go big steps only forward. If there is a desire to participate in development from the very beginning, then we ask you.
Requirements: just play)

Love to see new guilds with big plans!
Best of luck Angelic Devils!!!

Hopefully we will we see you at the top some day…


Thanks for the kind words)))

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Hi Gregory,

we build us too since 3 weeks ago and now we are on rank 222? If you are interested? We Need active members for Support :slight_smile:


I too had to create my own guild for family reasons and I fully understand what you are going through gregory.

My advice is not to rely too much on the forums (I had no response here and we are rank 4500 with 15 active members) but open your guild to the public and lower the recruitment level and also pick up the newcomers on global chat.

Due to the UI change and loss of members even the higher tier guilds have lowered or removed their requirements so the competition is fierce for recruits.

Stay active and donate as much as possible and once the members see the dedication of the GM they will stay.

Good luck!


Thank you very much)

The rating is already 6058. We still need participants.

You’ll see the ranking growth slow down significantly once you reach around 5000.

Me and my hubby two of us alone reached 5500 in a month and a half, most ranks before them are dead guilds.

The rating is already 5261. We still need participants.)))

The rating is already 2977. We still need participants