Servor discussion

Hello every body, is there for each support, (Android, Xbox, PS4) their own support (to find a Friend Guild) or a servor for several…i think the first one answer more relevant but a little problematic…like the fights in Replay. Have mana.

I am not really sure what you want, but I think you are looking for a guild. What platform are you on, what type of guild are you looking for and what type of player are you? Daily or from time to time? If you are on pc/mobile, an active player and willing to join our discord server, you could come to us. The invite code to our discord channel is here: r7qZ7AC
Our requirements are: 1100 Seals, 300 Trophies, join discord and gold depends on your level. If you are low level we will give you help to grow and you dont have to donate to the tasks until your kingdoms are level 10.

hello, thanks for respunding. i am on xbox one and my friend is on ps4…the name of guild is The French Mafia…i am level 50…i have team at 3500…2000gem, 20000 gold coin…my name is Paradoxine2781…i am already in a guild because i think xbox one and ps4 not compatible. But if you tell me we can have two guild…maybe ?

The only cross platform is PC and Mobile. PS 4/5 and Xbox cant play with each other or PC and Mobile. You can create or join on each platfrom a guild, so yes, you could have 2 guilds but you cant play together.

that’s i thinking… thanks !