Servers Down - Xbox One

Keep getting Server Reset messages, quit and try to log back in and Servers are totally down (Xbox One)

There should be compensations to the people playing Guild Wars who could not connect to the game and got a loss in the middle of the war


I agree with you

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This sucks. After I did my guild war, I had somewhere to go, and I planned to come back and get the pet and do some pvp. However, upon my return, I’m unable to login, which will most likely keep the pet out of my grasp. :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah, the servers were up for a while and then crashed again. This is really getting old.

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It is Wednesday, pet will be there until reset tonight

Servers are back up!! I got the pet, and I’m all good now.:relaxed:

Still cannot access the servers here. I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled it as well. Nothing but an infinite try again loop.

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Where are you exactly? After all, it could be that the area you live in hasn’t gotten the server fix yet. I live in the US and it appears to be working just fine now.

Tennessee US

Hey all, just waiting for some of the server team to come into the office to see what’s up. There seems to have been some Xbox server issues overnight but we’ll need more information to help you at this stage!

If you are still having the issue, and image of the server error you are getting would be great, as well as exact information on when it appears (when you’re opening your game? After a battle? etc)


Hey everyone,

I’m sorry you had connection issues with the server! The team has looked into the like one of the servers dropped out but the others soon came in to help out. When we had some mass server issues a few months ago on Xbox we introduced more servers and also allowed them to scale with the amount of players or issues that occur.

Our game team have since restarted them and everything appears to be running better now - sorry we couldn’t get to that sooner but no one is in the office at that time, it all happened before 5 am! Thanks so much for your patience.

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If they are going to start compensating people for wins that count as losses due to error, i am sure they won’t mind going through the thousands of previous tickets that were told they can do nothing about it.

The game team fixed the known issue where Guild Wars battles counted as losses, and the main 4 causes of that problem.

Due to the way Guild Wars is structured, you can have a Guild War count as a loss for a number of reasons, the easiest possible way is any connection error that could occur (regardless of whether it’s something that happens on our end or yours). If you receive a “CLIFFY-xxx” error, that’s something we’d like to know about and it can also cause the battle to count as loss:

We can provide standard battle compensation for this, but we aren’t able to return Guild Wars scores or points.