Server Issues Updates: Please see Sirrian's official post for the latest updates

Latest from the Devs:

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I’m actually going to create a new thread in official news and sticky it here, so people can access the latest migration issues… otherwise we’re trying to write into a bunch of different threads


Meanwhile, loading errors are like:


Thanks, @Sirrian!

For everyone else, please see Sirrian’s post (below) for the latest info:


I’m playing on PC and have never before had a server error. Tonight I’ve gotten 4 or 5 ‘your game has already been completed’ bullshit. If the server migration is limited to iOS/Android why would Steam be having problems?

PC and mobile are one and the same in terms of servers I believe, though they are probably transferring accounts that are mostly played on mobile first. Also:

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Steam hasn’t migrated yet… in fact if you’re playing on Steam AND mobile, then one device is playing on the new servers and one device is playing on the old servers! The backend database is separate though (shared between the servers) so you can actually do this and not lose any data.

Regarding getting errors on PC (or consoles), when the migrations are on iOS/Android… this has happened because the new iOS/Android servers are being a bit greedy and eating up certain types of database resources that hadn’t been an issue before.

The problems have been compounded by our old servers… they’re failing pretty fast (even though we supposedly have a couple of weeks left before shutdown) according to our database provider, and are creating some issues of their own… so we’re moving people out as fast as is practicable.


Say goodbye as we dance with the devil tonight…

RIP old servers. I wish we were quite fond of you.


Yeah. So sorry. Sorry also that the Earth is round and some of the customers live in “funny timezones”. Sorry that some of those customers are upset, because they can’t play this game for three weeks now. Sorry also for those who are upset because they can’t compete with players that live in less funny timezones.

And the console migration hasn’t even started yet. So sorry in advance for all those upset people, who won’t be able to use what they payed for.

Dear devs. Just try to look at this from my perspective. In my prime time game is unplayable. I come back from work and the errors start and there is barely anyone working on them, because it is “funny time” in Australia, as @Sirrian put it yesterday somewhere.

I’m really losing interest in this game. 3 weeks of this mess is too long. And there’s more trouble ahead. I was going to get the Crescendo yesterday, but at the time I tried, I couldn’t. Now I just don’t care really, after a nice evening of battling in Xcom2. I know what I will be playing this evening too.

I’m just thinking of putting GoW off for a month or two. Or maybe I will find my old X360 in the basement and play some Puzzle Quest in the meantime :slight_smile:

Please don’t take this personal or as aggresive, I just want to let you know how I, as your customer, am feeling about all this.

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Actually I have played this game at all hours because I’ve gone from first shift to third shift then to second for work. Which all affected my gems of war time. So I do know exactly how it is. I still don’t expect 24/7 support.

Also I am in America and not in Australia. So our time zones are significantly off.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So it’s okay that we expect different things.

To clear up - I was talking to the devs, not you, @Mekkalyn. I have nothing against you. I quoted you because I find it funny that someone apologizes for someone’s expectations or opinion (which he is entitled to) :wink:

I have to say, I’m playing this morning and the game seems faster than ever before. I hope it’s related to the migration. But the change is very noticeable for me.

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You might have spoke too soon Mako.

It was working perfect for me, but I just got the mongo database error. :fearful:

Edit: Still currently working fine though. Just that 1 error message. (so far)

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Yeah, that’s because I have just finished work and I am on my way home :smiley:


Always learn something new. Thanks for sharing, @Andrew !

@Sirrian @Andrew

Got the above error after finishing a battle. Close out of the game and restarted it and got the same exact error when the game loaded.

Welcome to my life…

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Yup. I got that error 17 times.

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Just now…

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We think we might have found the cause of this one… it actually involves a timeout at the START of the battle.
The timeout might be caused by anything between the device and our servers (inclusive of both), which means server latency, internet dropouts, or generally slow connections… possibly a combination of one or more of them.

It’s the same “sync” error that was previously received at the end of battle on the OLD servers, it’s just that NEW servers are passing back a slightly different message that the game can’t display correctly.

We’ll investigate tomorrow and see if we can push out a hotfix. No promises on a quick fix unfortunately, as it’s @Andrew’s son’s first birthday, so he’s out on leave tomorrow! I’ll see what I can do about it though!