Server Issues 20/08


We’re currently aware that the servers are experiencing issues. We’re currently looking into them and will provide an update when we have more information.

We suspect that a Moa has gotten loose… so I’m going to go see if I can wrangle it. puts on :cowboy_hat_face:

Update: The issues should be resolved now.

The servers appear to be down
XB1 - There was a problem when trying to contact the server


And thank you for the post.

Good luck getting this sorted out. :+1:


Feed the hamster!


its not a moa,its just the office hamster died :frowning:


Here in Australia we don’t use Hamsters, we use Drop Bears to run the wheels of the servers.




Hamsters are illegal in Australia, the authorities finally caught up with him.


Update: The issues should be resolved now.


So, I just Googled Drop Bear (hoax)… I don’t like Koalas anymore.


If i visit Australia and people don’t try to fool me with this Drop Bear stuff or if i don’t see a typical “aussie barbie” like:

I’ll demand my money back. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Ozball Just call me when you guys de-extinct the Thylacine. I’m a huge fan of the little guys!


If you like little guys and things from Tasmania, you might enjoy these :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer their Tasmanian Tiger counterparts! :slight_smile:

Besides, Tasmanian Devils have a bad temper and they eat the young that don’t make it to the teet. I guess you can say they Recycle?


If you are tired of cat and dogs try a tasmanian devil for a change. :grin:


Could this server issue cause issues with recovering your account or linking your account to another device. TIA


Hey ladydocs, it shouldn’t have but I believe I’m a bit late to reply here as I think we already got your account back, happy gemming :slight_smile: