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Seriously , a price increase for the RING?

had to find out, that the ring on xbox EU went from 19.99 to 21.99 today . given the usual price for a monthly perk-subscription in most mmo’s this item was way overpriced before. Even with developers/publishers profit in mind this seems a dumb business decision to me. If it was sold for reasonable 15.- a month , 36.- for a 3-month sub and 120.- for a 1-year sub, i bet they could multiply their profit from this item. If my proposal was real, i would be in for a yearly sub all the time…- bitter reality right now is, that last time i spent real money on the game was 2 years ago (and i’m a daily player in a top guild) I can only recommmend to rethink monetization strategy… til then my freetoplay-budget sadly goes to other games…just my 2cents…Raziel out


I agree. The prices for items in the store are too high. i’ve only bought some of the flash sales. Mostly weapon offers

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