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Serious question: why is "Mystic" synonymous with "Mythic"?

It bugs me a little, it’s a pet peeve. As far as I can tell, “Mystic” is a troop type. “Mythic” is a rarity. I could use both of them in many senses in the same paragraph:

Warlock is a Human/Mystic Common. It can be ascended to Mythic. Fallen Valdis is an Undead/Mystic Mythic. Infernus is a Mythic, but not a Mystic.

So like, I’ll see someone say, “I got my first Mystic at level 800” and I’m like, “Wow, that’s a long time to be stuck without Apothecary.” It’s only later I realize they mean “Mythic”.

I see enough people using one word where the other goes to make me wonder if that’s a localization artifact? Is there a language where the rarity comes through as the literal word “Mystic”? I’m not trying to shame anyone here, I’m trying to beat a pet peeve out of my head by getting an explanation.


fraction for faction bothers me and also anything tacet ever tries to pronounce xD


Especially if English is not your first language, similar-looking and -sounding words can be easy to confuse. Obviously even some native English speakers make this mistake, but at least it’s a little more understandable from non-native speakers.

You get the occasional questions from global.

“How do you get mystics?”

Bless them :heart:

I’m going to guess at least sometimes it’s due to auto complete.


Quite a few people don’t realize it’s two different words until pointed out to them. It’s the way the human brain works. Both words start with the same letter, end with the same letter and have almost the same letters in between, they may register as the same.

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On ofensfe tkaen :joy: