Serious question and conclusion on the New UI

I’m sure Lyya started a new thread with the link to the post above, but I can’t find it now. Has it been taken back down?

I removed it after some deliberation. You are free to post your own topic on the matter.

Whatever they’re doing, Its working. I normally wake up, log on and run through my daily tasks with breakfast. Today was the first day - in at least a year - that I glanced at the ps4 and just said “Nah, you’re alright.” - Still haven’t turned it on, and If it wasn’t for GW, id sack it off completely today.

Sod it, I’m off down the pub.


Many are not liking the direction the game is going, and have left or will be sure to follow with this UI.

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By the looks of it lyya, they got this ui refresh for free, so I can’t agree with you there.

Hey folks, just wanted to assure you that Gems of War is still our #1 priority here at Infinity Plus Two!
My role on Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest is purely a consultative one (as the owner of the Puzzle Quest franchise), which means a few hours a week consulting on design matters & helping out our friends at Oktagon Studios in Brazil (who, by the way, are responsible for some of the fine artwork you’ll see releasing in Merlantis later today!)

Obviously we’d never sabotage our own game… that would be quite irresponsible to both our team AND our publishing partner at 505 Games.

I’m sad to hear that the new UI is not to everyone’s taste… however we DO believe strongly that modernizing the look of the game is the way forward. So far, feedback from Micrsosoft, Apple, Google, and Sony has been very positive about the direction, and the great news is that the game’s daily active userbase has grown 3% in the days since we released the 3.2 update.

We ARE aware of some readability issues, which we’ll be addressing in update that we’ll have to you all asap though. Hang tight for that - we’re trying to pass it through certification as quickly as possible!


I hope you will get some opportunities to visit this country :slight_smile: .

obvious readability issues

Why did you submit this patch so early (ie unfinished UI)? I just imagine new players starting the game and seeing 2 completely different UI styles…


Thank you very much for your reply. I for one am very grateful to finally get some official, extensive statement what to expect and how things are progressing. Being left in the dark what exactly will be changed and what we can still hope for has been nerve-wrecking. A clear statement that there will be no way to select the old UI and that merely small adjustments to the new one are to be made has been very overdue.

I am happy for you devs that your plan is working out. Given the feedback both here and on the steam forums make the 3% rise in users almost unbelieveable for me, but in the end, it’s usually always the complainers who are active and not the ones being happy with everything, right?.

I wish you the best for your game and your personal projects of any kind in the future. Thank you for the enjoyment you gave me with your game and thank you for making the clear statement so that I can stop hoping against hope now and just quit and move on with my life.


Not to “everyone’s” taste? To almost no one’s taste. Many first time posters have created forum accounts to express their distaste.


Well that appeal to authority just confirms that you have the tail wagging the dog mate. Who cares what Sony, Apple, Microsoft, or Google think? Do they play your game or buy the overpriced IAPs? You are clearly being told by the people that matter that you have a massive problem and all you can do is say “no we’re right you’re all wrong” and point to a 3% increase in usage which, though hard to believe, might be explained by initial interest due to an update on people’s devices, but could also reasonably be expected to plummet over the next week.

I just can’t fathom how you could have authorised an update with so many obvious bugs and flaws and, perhaps the most glaring thing, the transition to the new UI only being half complete. You obviously don’t do much organised testing but ignoring that for a second, isn’t it obvious that it looks odd that the PVP screen and many others are still on the old UI for example. Why not just wait until you ported every screen in the game over? Setting aside the myriad of usability issues introduced, you now have some sort of Frankesteinian creation that looks unprofessional if nothing else.

And yes I am a professional dev so I speak from some experience with projects like this. How’s that for appealing to authority?


dont forget the 300 people who are waiting with bated breath to leave when this post confirming it wont be changed back finally lose the last shred of hope they had actually leave cause i know my guilds discord and all its guests were waiting for this very final ax to fall


According to Steam Charts, I see that Gems of war did have a 4% increase in peak users from Tuesday (1757 users) to Wednesday (1821 users). However, peak users today fell to 1620, which is an 11% decrease from yesterday.


Why is it you ultimately decided to take it down?

This UI is horrible, is causing migraines to the point that i cant play longer than 10 mins and looks like a 5yo did it. Stop trying to make the PC ver. look like a mobile game. That 3% increase you stated is only people looking at the new update, i’d like to see the numbers after a week. If you don’t fix it i’m positive it will be a net loss of players. Although I like the overall functionality of it, the style change isn’t something that’s going to attract people to a fantasy game. If this isn’t fixed by next week i’ll have to quit due to health reasons you created. Thank you for running this by the community and and making sure you had a finished product before releasing. :+1:


It’s similiar in my guild, though the guild leaders definitely want to stay and I think quite a few others do, too.
I for one am actually crying at the moment (which is pretty embarrassing for a 32-years-old woman over a game, but I really cared for the game and my friends in the guild/community), but yeah, it’s over for me. I’ll just finish the guild war this week to help my guild.

And yes, I do suspect that the Merlantis update - clearly cleverly timed to get users to sign it again and remain with the game after the UI update - is the main reason for the increase in userbase.


Where are the stats for rage quit?

half the functionality is worse like troop scrolling takes so much longer dragging it along than it had the clicking and going down 2 rows at a time now it takes me an hr to look through one color of troops

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I always just use the search bar and type what i’m looking for and have never had a problem with it.

yea but when you dont know what you want exactly its harder like i wanted to see good purple troops for guild wars it took an hr to scroll down all the purple cards

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Micrsosoft, Apple, Google, and Sony don’t play the game tho. More than 75% of the players want the fantasy-style old UI back, check the poll - Poll UI 3.2 - Just wondering what you all think?