Serious About Guildwars? βš” Power Gems πŸ’ Recruiting 29/30

Bracket 2 (before GW went down), Rank 57 guild and need new competitive members to join us.

Looking for 1 member serious about Guildwars with the time and dedication to play daily. (when it comes back online)

Requirements and Expectations:
Guildwars Participation Daily along with minimum 3/3/3/3 guildwars tribute sentinels donation (waived for now)
At least 500k+ gold donated weekly to tasks
1500 Seals Claimed Weekly
No Trophy Requirement
Discord server use expected (We all chat and hang in Discord mostly discussing strats and helping each other)
Level 10 all kingdoms and at least around 5 STARS or more on kingdoms working to increase.

If interested post here or add me on Steam (Mordaloch) and contact me directly.
You can also add me on Discord #5684 same name Mordaloch.


Come to a winning team! only 1 spot left to fill.

Last week won all our 6 guildwars matchups, still looking for 1 solid guildwars player.

Just wanted to wish you luck!
Maybe we’ll see you in Bracket 2 pretty soon! :wink:

Yeah if I can keep a steady focused 30 work in progress.

Just freed up 1 spot for a serious dedicated guildwars player

2 Spots available, please have emotional intelligence and not be a rage quitter when applying :slight_smile:


Our guild is about 22 pretty hardcore players with about 6 above average and roughly 2 spots that we are trying to improve and recruit for. If i would try to categorize our guild it’s pretty laid back many people chat and share ideas in guild chat we are more like a family here. Our guild requirements are 500k gold and 1500 seals, and minimum 3/3/3/3 guildwars statues tribute levels but most people donate over that on a regular basis.

I am looking for members who can meet guild requirements regularly and also incorporate themselves into our guild as members who help each other and chat and continue the family like atmosphere of cooperation. You don’t have to be super hardcore but you should be willing to do well and participate in guildwars daily.

We are currently tier 3 in GW and use Discord to communicate more so than in game guildchat. This is a good place for us to share ideas about GW teams.

We are rank 60 as far as trophy based ranking.

I have a lot of loyal players and am looking for more of the same, for most people my guild is the last guild they will ever need to join in this game because of how well it is run and how well we all get along.

If you need any more information feel free to add me on Discord #5684 same name Mordaloch.



New openings available as of 6_18_2017

New patch yay! more people frustrated i guess but that means more room for you to join us :slight_smile:

1 spot left filling up fast don’t delay!

With summer here some members have moved to our sister guild (less play time) so we have 2 spots available now for new members that can put in the time.

Let me know if you are in the market for a new guild.

spots still available don’t be shy :slight_smile:

spots have been filled.

7/8/2017 - 1 maybe 2 spots available for serious competitive GW players, VIP a plus but not necessary especially if you play a lot. ** Please read the updated original post for details*** Thanks!

Still have one spot left

600k gold
200 T
1500 seal
All kingdoms 2 blue stars but 2 of them.
Lv 860
Edit: I do GW every day, usually score mid 5000’s each day

Got space for me?

Yes are you online now?

Right here! Can/will you inv me? I will leave my guild and give you inv code if you confirm.