Separate Volume Slider for Battlecrashers and Gnomes

Hi Devs!

This is just a small QoL suggestion that I would like to see if people are interested in.

I play Gems of War quite a bit, but after hearing the sound effects and music (not to say I don’t love them! :heart: )so many, many, many times I tend to nowadays play the game without sound while multitasking. Typically this will include, but not be limited to : playing music, watching a movie, surfing the internet, etc. Other things that all have one thing in common : they need sound.

Now, while I can multitask quite well, sometimes I won’t be paying as much attention to the game as I normally would, if I’ve already been playing for awhile. While this typically doesn’t lead to any problems, I was thinking it might be nice if the game had a separate sound trigger for when Battlecrashers or Gnomes show up. And it does, but right now, it’s connected to the “Sound” slider, meaning, if I want it to be on, I also have to hear all the other sound effects as well.

So, long question short, would it be possible to have either a separate sound slider for just “special” (ie : Battlecrasher, gnome, any other future special troops) troops? Or a separate toggle for them?

That way, when I and many others are several hours in to playing the game on any given day, they can multitask at the same time, without having to worry that their lack of complete focus on Gems will lead them to miss or not pay as much attention to these “special troop” opportunities?

Just an idea for consideration. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything you all do!

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How about a special battle crasher screen, like the boss gets in quest battles?


I agree that some form of extra communication would be nice for the gnomes and battlecrashers as I also often play split screen while doing something else with the sound either muted or very very very low.