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Sentinels boost is not fair to soldiers

In the “compensation” message you say you are keeping the boosts active because everyone is benefiting from them. Soldiers get nothing. That’s 14/30 (47%) members of full guilds not benefiting from them. Now my matches are way harder than they should be. This now makes it even harder for soldiers to get a higher rank. Get rid of the bonus before red day please or stupid dwarfs will one shot everything.


Soldiers get nothing.

Changing it mid-week isn’t fair to those who already finished their battles and super beneficial to those who haven’t done battles from earlier in the week.

The devs already said no matter what they did 1 group or another wasn’t going to be happy. They’ve chosen the course.

I’m sure someone can make the opposite argument to this, but not changing the “rules” is a lot more fair on the guild level than changing them mid-week. Perhaps not so fair to individual soldiers but at least every soldier out there is on as even footing as every other soldier as they can be. I can only imagine the outcry from whole guilds getting screwed by a mid-week change over the single tier (albeit largest tier) within each guild.

It’s ok you will get another shot in 3 weeks.

… devs can we get GW every other week? :smile:

They obviously mean all guilds are benefiting not every player individually.

Yes this guild wars week is totally screwed lol, our guild barely even upgrades sentinels.