Send cards to other players, multiplayer and other features

An option to view other players’ xbox profiles from the game is missing and really needed. I found it weird, almost all Xbox games allow you to open the other players xbox profiles from the game. I found odd that Gems of War doesn’t allow this. I’d say it’s essential. This way I can’t look at my guild members in the game, open their profile to send them a quick message.

Another thing that is missing on Gems of War is options to play multiplayer games online against anyone I want to. Or anyone on my friends list. And invite anyone on my friend list to an online game. I don’t want to play versus offline bots that control real human players. I want to play in real time against humans like in most Xbox games.

Also, it would be great fun to have a new option to send gold, or gems, or keys, or cards, or anything to other players. Gifts, trades.

I currently play mobile and PS4 so I am not entirely sure how it works for XB1. If it is anything like PS4, you should be able to view a profile by going into the “Activity” screen in guild and pressing the button that shows up to the left of the name that wrote on the wall/completed an activity.

They’ve said repeatedly they aren’t interested in adding something like this. I’ve seen comments that it would bring the real money trading to the game though that still technically exists since I can for example sell my account complete with vip 10 status to somebody. I saw something about games moving away from the models that allow trading. I personally think the games that allow trading are more successful but they have different models and goals.