Selected Delve Teams


Hi everyone!

I’ve heard a number of people asking about Delve Teams, and thought I would share what I’ve put together for my own Guild. Most of these teams come from @Tacet’s YouTube channel, which I watch every day. Those not credited to Tacet himself have either appeared in Live Chat during his videos, or I’ve put together myself (esp. for doing lower levels quickly). Of course, no team is perfect, but this is probably a good place to start!

If you’d like to fill in some of the gaps (esp. Banners or Max Level), just let me know. Enjoy!

Technical Note: Not sure how well this will display – might work better pasted into a spreadsheet (where you can also filter by Faction, etc). Do contact me if you know how to improve the formatting.

A Selection of Good Delve Teams

Source Date Faction Purpose Max Level Banner Colours Class Troop 1 Troop 2 Troop 3 Troop 4 Restrictions Notes
Starlite 2018-11-14 All-Seeing Eye Event 80+ Mist of Scales RB Emperor Khorvash Summer’s Fury Azura Krystenax Blue/Green
Tacet 2018-09-05 All-Seeing Eye Push 500? Urskaya NRp Titan Champion of Anu Dragon’s Eye Arachnaean Weaver Megavore Blue/Green
Tacet 2018-10-30 All-Seeing Eye Push 500? Dhrak-Zum NPy Titan Forest Troll Dragon’s Eye Apothecary Yasmine’s Chosen Blue/Green Can use Sylvanimora for Yasmine’s Chosen.
Tacet 2018-10-30 All-Seeing Eye Pure Faction All-Seeing Eye GBn Ocularen Leech Ocularen Watch Mother Xerodar Blue/Green
Starlite 2018-11-24 Crypt Keepers Fast 100 Dhrak-Zum NPy (Thief) Skeleton Key Egg Thief Alchemist Greed Red/Purple Thief or Titan.
Tacet 2019-01-02 Crypt Keepers Event Mountain Crusher Yao Guai Queen Titania (anything) Red/Purple
Tacet 2019-01-02 Crypt Keepers Event Dragon’s Eye Infernus Ubastet Gimlet Stormbrew Red/Purple Initially use Mountain Crusher.
Tacet 2019-01-02 Crypt Keepers Event Dragon’s Eye Divinia Ubastet Gimlet Stormbrew Red/Purple Initially use Mountain Crusher.
Tacet 2018-10-30 Crypt Keepers Push 500? Khaziel NN Titan Rock Troll Dragon’s Eye Gimlet Stormbrew Megavore Red/Purple
Tacet 2018-10-13 Crypt Keepers Pure Faction 400 Lady Morana Lady Morana Lady Morana Lady Morana Red/Purple
Tacet 2018-10-30 Crypt Keepers Pure Faction 500 Stormheim BB Lady Morana Lady Morana Lady Morana Grave Seer Red/Purple Requires many tries to get lucky.
jzg 2019-02-03 Fang Moor Event 130 Merlantis BGy Titan Forest Troll Apothecary Yasmine’s Pride Ketras Blue/Red Can use Gargoyle for Ketras.
Tacet 2019-02-04 Fang Moor Event 150 Blackhawk NBp Titan Yasmine’s Pride Apothecary Ketras the Bull Ubastet Blue/Red Can use Gargoyle for Ketras.
Tacet 2019-02-04 Fang Moor Push 300+ Blackhawk NBp Titan Mountain Crusher Apothecary High King Irongut Possessed King Blue/Red Beware rooms with Devour immunity.
Tacet 2019-02-04 Fang Moor Pure Faction 150 Dragon’s Claw RYn Chief Dargon Chief Dargon Shaman of Set Horned Asp Blue/Red
Tacet 2018-10-10 Hall of Guardians Fast 50? Khaziel NN Mountain Crusher Arachnaean Weaver Queen Aurora Queen Aurora Yellow/Brown
Starlite 2018-11-20 Hall of Guardians Event 80+ Hall of Guardians YNg Gorgotha Trickster’s Shot Divinia Megavore Yellow/Brown Banner is questionable.
Starlite 2018-12-26 Hall of Guardians Event 120 Hall of Guardians YNg Gorgotha Ubastet Doomed Blade Gimlet Stormbrew Yellow/Brown
Tacet 2019-02-06 Hall of Guardians Event Urskaya NRp Titan Mountain Crusher Gargoyle Gargoyle Gimlet Stormbrew Yellow/Brown
Tacet 2018-10-06 Hall of Guardians Push 300? Gorgotha Dragon’s Eye Divinia (cleanup troop) Yellow/Brown
Tacet 2018-10-12 Hall of Guardians Push 400 Khaziel NN Titan Dragon’s Eye Cockatrice Arachnaean Weaver Megavore Yellow/Brown
Tacet 2018-10-15 Hall of Guardians Push 500 Khaziel NN Titan Dragon’s Eye Cockatrice Weaver/(Megavore) Sylvanimora Yellow/Brown
Tacet 2018-10-30 Hall of Guardians Push Suncrest YGb Titan Gorgotha Dragon’s Eye Divinia Yasmine’s Chosen Yellow/Brown
Tacet 2018-10-13 Hall of Guardians Pure Faction Urskaya NRp Silent Sentinel Gargoyle Gargoyle Gargoyle Yellow/Brown Ethereal Sentry might help in last slot.
Tacet 2018-10-30 Hall of Guardians Pure Faction Sin of Maraj RNp Silent Sentinel Silent Sentinel Gargoyle Gargoyle Yellow/Brown Need a Silent Sentinel to survive into the last battle.
Tacet 2018-11-24 Primal Rift Fast 190 Dhrak-Zum Npy Titan Mountain Crusher Yao Guai Tai-Pan Queen Titania Green/Purple Can use Merlantis (BGy) banner.
Starlite 2018-12-12 Primal Rift Event 100 Sin of Maraj RNp (Thief) Greed Egg Thief Skeleton Key Greed Green/Purple
Antitan 2018-11-24 Primal Rift Fast 120 (Thief) Apothecary Egg Thief Greed Skeleton Key Green/Purple
Starlite 2018-11-26 Primal Rift Event 150 Wild Plains RG Titan Yasmine’s Pride Yao Guai Tai-Pan Queen Titania Green/Purple
Michal Wojcik 2018-11-27 Primal Rift Event 200? Titan Mang Apothecary Skadi Possessed King Green/Purple Claimed to make Event Leaderboard.
Tacet 2018-11-29 Primal Rift Push 300 Sin of Maraj RNp Titan Mang Apothecary Egg Thief Queen Aurora Green/Purple
Tacet 2018-12-03 Primal Rift Push 500 Khaziel NN Titan Mang Apothecary Keeper of Souls Queen Aurora Green/Purple
Tacet 2018-11-24 Primal Rift Pure Faction 150 Bright Forest GPb Dark Dryad Dark Dryad Alderfather Green Golem Green/Purple
Starlite 2018-12-04 Sea of Sorrow Fast 100 Thorodin Gorgotha Ubastet Mercy Blue/Brown
Marcello 2018-10-20 Sea of Sorrow Fast 30 Dhrak-Zum NPy Mountain Crusher Gargoyle Skullbeard Rock Spirit Blue/Brown
Tacet 2018-10-20 Sea of Sorrow Push Khaziel NN Titan Gargoyle Dragon’s Eye Scorpius Euryali Blue/Brown
Tacet 2018-10-30 Sea of Sorrow Push 500 Blackhawk NBp Titan Dragon’s Eye Cockatrice Apothecary Ubastet Blue/Brown Can use Gargoyle for Ubastet.
Tacet 2018-10-30 Sea of Sorrow Pure Faction Sea of Sorrow BNy Hammerclaw Sea Witch The Deep King The Deep King Blue/Brown
Tacet 2018-12-28 The Warrens Fast 90 Cedric Sparklesack Egg Thief Skeleton Key Greed Green/Yellow Hero Class with Storm is best, esp. Brown, Red or Green.
Tony Aguilera 2018-10-31 Any Fast Titan Jar of Eyes Yao Guai Divinia Pharaoh Hound
Tacet 2018-10-30 Any Push Rock Troll Dark Troll Elemaugrim Infernus
Tacet 2018-10-30 Any Push 500 Khaziel NN Titan Mountain Crusher Megavore Arachnaean Weaver Megavore
Tacet 2018-10-06 Any Push Khaziel NN Titan Dragon’s Eye Megavore Arachnaean Weaver Megavore Can use Queen Aurora for Weaver.
Simple!!! 2019-01-16 Any Push Titan Mountain Crusher Arachnaean Weaver Infernus Leprechaun
Costa Ps4 2019-01-16 Any Push 500 Titan Mountain Crusher Apothecary High King Irongut Champion of Anu
Max 2018-10-21 Any Push 500 Archer Silent Sentinel Dwarven Gate Dragon’s Eye/Archer Ubastet Use any class with summons.


Thanks for this.

I just used the mouse on my Desktop PC to select the table, then used Special Paste to put it into Excel.

I needed to tweak the formatting slightly and replace the apostrophes, but apart from that it was fine :+1:


This is very nice and I appreciate this. I think this game would be better if teams weren’t so in-general “secret sauce”.


How many attempts did it take Tacet to beat Crypt Keepers full faction?

Will note that I’ve had amazing success with King Irongut, most of my delve teams use him.

Can we get more information on faction teams in general (like the level caps)?

Sorrowful Banner (Probably, not 100% certain)
Sea Witch
Deep King
Sea Witch
Beat level 100 Sea of Sorrows pure faction with this.

EDIT: You should note what level Tacet actually beat with the All Seeing Eye or Hall of Guardians or Sea of Sorrow teams. Also does he has a Warrens pushing team?


I did tag Tacet. If you see him around, you could ask him to post some extra info here. :slight_smile:


Just found this. Thanks so much!! I always have a hard time coming up with pure teams that work well. :sparkling_heart:


This is great. Thank you!

I thought I would include the most frequent troops used for each slot overall regardless of purpose from the data for fun. :slight_smile:

  • Troop 1: Mtn. Crusher (9)
  • Troop 2: Apothecary (7)
  • Troop 3: Arachnean Weaver (4)
  • Troop 4: Megavore (6)


@Nullings - this thread is only about Delves.
I think you posted in the wrong place.


Yep, sorry.