Second line task is a net loss, anyone have a reason to keep doing them?


Hi, level 77 XBOX One and am very frustrated with the second line Tasks. Can anyone give me a reason to do the second line tasks? It is a net loss and sucking my gems dry. I don’t have the 500 lvl armors and was over 250 on the way and now am under 200 by following the second line tasks! Grrr…

Make a purchase with gems has hit 4 times in a row for me before. Use a magic key is also a frequent task I get there.

Basically this is the break down I’m seeing:

Make a purchaae with gems = -10 gems (buy 1 magic key for 15, get 5 back)
Use a magic key = +5
Level up a kingdom = +3

Those are the three gem tasks and that is a net loss of 2 gems IF you get them in a decent order. Me? I have gotten nothing but Make a purchase and Use a key with a level up thrown in every now and again. Making all those purchases I’m sitting on 5 magic keys (that’s -50 gems) and the Make a purchase is up for the THIRD time in a row this go round.

PLEASE explain to me why I should keep doing line two tasks OR, and this I like better, RESET them like the line one tasks every day…


If you are saving up for the higher armors I don’t think you should do those particular tasks. I’m in the same boat as you. I see those tasks as simply helping you get magic keys for a little bit cheaper. It’ll be handy after obtaining the 500 armor.


I bought with the gems and the task is still active…
No option to remove the task if does not like or bugged


It’s probably not that it’s still active, but rather that it was replaced by the exact same task. You’ll have been rewarded for completing it. This happens fairly regularly with tasks after awhile.


I guess you have to look some of the tasks in a different way. I don’t try to force any tasks to complete unless it’s an easy one (change armor or banner \ troop tasks)… otherwise the tasks will complete organically, or as needed.

For example, I don’t upgrade a troop to lvl 10 unless the task to do so is available (500 bonus souls or cheap upgrade, depending on how you look at it). Same with lvl 15 upgrades. The task to make a purchase with Gems has been on my list forever, but I’m stubborn and am saving up for Dragon Armor… so close… only 253 more gems to go… lol… but that task will sit there until I’m ready to make that purchase.

Currently, I have the task for “complete 40 invades”… for 5 measly gems no less (but change armor is worth 10 gems… wtf?? lol) but I wont do more invades than I have to. I’m rank 1 on the weekly event, so now I give it a reset and the task will complete next week when I do the next invades needed for rank 1 that week.

So basically, complete the easy tasks as they come up and once a more difficult is in the list… let it complete naturally just by playing the game.

That’s my advice anyway. :slightly_smiling:


I think Creed’s advice is sound, other than the bit about not levelling troops until the task appears. I’d do that while souls are scarce, definitely, but eventually you’ll want to level up your kingdoms, and that task just doesn’t show up very often(at least for me). I’ve maxed at least 6 troops since the last time I saw it.