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Second life to Tresure Hunt and Arena mini-games

I’ve been wondering, since we got a weekend without any weekly event (excluding pet hunt on saturday), if there could be a special 1day contest for Tresure Hunt and 2nd one for Arena.
To be more specific, here are some rules:

  1. Tresure Hunt.
  • each player gains 3 event maps (seals), to be used for tresure hunt, 1 map = 1 game
  • each player score is based on highest score he gained in all games he did (not cumulative, but just best), score calculated as normal for tresure hunt
  • players could buy more maps (seals) with gems
  • tresures gained in event could be exacly the same as usuall (unless DEV’s would like to make them more special -> like changing drop lists for highest rarity tresure)
  • top 100 players would be rewarded (rewards would be small packs of gems, or maybe something other like 1-4 deeds from the current kingdom for top5 players/writs for another 20 or so, gems for other top100, other possibilities -> gems for soulforge, etc.)
  1. Arena.
  • players would be given 3 tokens for start, extra token could be bought for gems
  • one token allows a single arena run (with troop pickup at start), up to 8 battles (winning 8, or loosing 1)
  • each player would pick up his team from the same 9 troops, every time
  • weapon pickup would be limited to current kingdom only
  • player score should be based on damage done to enemies in single run (so fighting higher difficulty battles would result in higher score, but with higher risk to fail and end up current run quicker)
  • only best score would be kept for records (not the cumulative one)
  • rewards for event similar to Tresure Hunt Competition (nothing crazy, maybe a chaos orb for winner max)
  • rewards for single run, could be same as for normal arena runs (

What do you guys think?
DEVs already got those gamemodes coded. it shouldn’t be much effort to give those mini-games a second life.
Dont know if that’s only issue for me, but i tend to skip those games entirely, since they are excluded from daily quests/weekly events.

I heard arena is get a revamping
I’d save ur breath, they don’t take ideas unless really tiny changes, after several months or years of requests
And even if they are going to release something new, they’ll keep it quiet, release it with bugs, and disappear for their weekend away from work

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