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Searching a slot in top 15's guild

I see free space in guilds : The LeMans , La guilde du rock , …

but I dont know how to contact them

Searching a guild who can reach 40 k seals chest

I can give 1500 seals / 150 000 / and 120 trophees per week (perhaps more :slight_smile: )

I speak english french dutch spanish and german

lvl 350 , all kingdoms lvl 10 , 6 kingdoms 5stars …

Just want to join a active guild who can reach highers objectives

happy new years to all of you.

If u can Give us 500000 of Gold weekly is can send You an invite. Demolisz From Birch Bis

I can do it but it looks like you have 30! If you get an opening send me an invite! Right now i’m in WARFRAME but about half of the people in there are not very active! Tired of 5 of us doing it all! ROJO is my invite code but I think I have to leave my guild to do it right!

500 000 ? not possible , too much for me :slight_smile: Cant spend 30hours per week on the game ^^

You need new armor if it takes you 30 hours to get 500K!

I have 50% gold and 100% souls for upgrading my kingdoms to 5 stars …

Just an FYI, Anarcroth… You want a top-15 Guild that does 40K Seals each week, then most of them will be expecting a great deal of PVP Trophies and a great deal of Gold.

Guild management is a problem even in top 15 or 20 guilds! too many free loaders not doing anything! The problem with it is the top 10 stay top 10 because no one is kicking out the 15 or 20 people that are not active! I’m in a top 20 guild and only a handful are truly active and about every week I’m the most active!