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Scum & Villainy recruiting for xbox (2/30)weekly reqs;100,000K,500 seals,50 trophies

New guild Scum & Villainy recruiting for Xbox One. Super casual guild for old school players who want to step down,but still play the game without doing all the events. My main focus would be for us to do guild wars,but it’s not a requirement as of the moment. Currently have 1 other member but i’d like as many as we can get,new and old players. For newer players learn how to manage resources & build teams from the vets,vets pass on what you have learned and enjoy the game at a slower pace. I donate a million gold a week myself,and you’re not required to donate anything if you’re a new player until your kingdoms are maxed. I stepped down from high level guilds but still want to enjoy the game without doing all the new events or the hassle of high requirements. Nothing wrong with playing the game till your fingers bleed,but if you don’t have the time anymore,or wanna take a step back we welcome you. If you wanna rally us to help complete an event one week that is also welcome. Anything goes here. This guild is for hungry newer players,or older ones who just have a few hours a week to play. I would like for players to remain active however. If this sounds like what you’re looking for please comment below,and we’ll invite you in asap. Currently a pirate themed guild,but that can always change.

Guild disbanded. Admin please delete post.