Scrolling through Traitstones Inventory: Not smooth; Skips Runic stones

Platform, device version and operating system
PlayStation 4 Pro

Screenshot or image


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was trying to scroll through my Traitstones inventory, one item at a time as usual – like it used to do before. However, it skips a whole set of Traitstones (eg. the Runics) before it gets to the Arcanes; then after a few nudges of my cursor (which I cannot see beyond the screen) the Runics show up all at once. I don’t get a chance to look at a single Runic I want to, until the whole thing jumps into view. Very ‘jerky’ movement.

After ‘Major’ Traitstones, my cursor continues down as I want, but the next item does not show and I can’t see my cursor anymore until everything jumps.

This also occurs when I scroll back upwards too (I see partial Runics but everything still jumps). Hopefully the video shows what I mean.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This only started happening after the recent new update, and happens each time I log into the game. I was testing out the new way the rewards categories were separate/collapsible.

Steps to make it happen again
All I have to do is log in and go to the Inventory and start scrolling. It happens every time.


Thanks I’ll make a bug report

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have this same issue on xbox when trying to look at orbs. expanding the group above orbs fixes the problem, very strange.


Thanks @Kafka! :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s weird how when other categories around it are expanded, then the scrolling works; but then it cancels out the convenience of being able to collapse the unwanted categories in the first place.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon in the next patch. :slight_smile: